Bee Happy

My first ever round of an online quilt bee is all wrapped up.  All the blocks I made are in the hands of their intended recipients, and I have received four marvelous blocks in my own color scheme in the mail!

This particular online bee, the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee, works like this.  Each quarter (so 4 times per year, the “4” of the “4×5”), participants in that round are placed in a “beehive” with 5 other quilters (the “5” part of the equation).  Each participant requests a particular color scheme.  Each member of the beehive will make 5 blocks of the same pattern, in 5 different color schemes, one for each other member of the hive.

Since I’ve started dabbling in quilting, I’ve decided I should have a quilt for our bed; a big one.  I’m thinking ahead, planning how I will eventually decorate our bedroom.  For my first round of this quilting bee, I requested those colors, yellow and gray.  They make me so happy.  Here are the four blocks I received, plus two of my own yellow and gray blocks.

I’ve signed up for another round of the 4×5 Bee, but I’ve changed my colors.  I think that this first big quilt for me, should be completed by me.  So, instead, my bee quilt will be for another project, and I’ve gathered an abundance of yellow and gray fabrics that I will use myself.  I can’t wait to play with some of these.  The quilt will be a “sampler quilt” like the bee quilts, so all the blocks will be different, but tied together by the fabrics and colors.

Aren’t they lovely?


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  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    I LOVE the yellow and grey color combo. I saw a couple of diaper bags on etsy that were yellow and grey that I really liked. So pretty! I want to see a picture of your stash!

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