Finishing 4×5 Bee blocks, Q4

The deadline for the 4×5 Quilt Bee blocks is this week and I finished up my blocks yesterday, a full 5 days early.  Yahoo!

I’m calling the block I designed “sunset squared” because the upper part reminds me of sun rays and the squares, well, that’s obvious, right?

I finished Tina’s first, followed by Jen’s.

Katherine‘s colors were cardinal and robin’s egg blue, but she clarified by saying “any red that isn’t orange” and “any blue that isn’t primary.”  Here’s her block:

I really struggled with Pam’s color choices, “ash, pomegranate and sage,” probably more than I should have.  Pomegranate and sage aren’t colors that I tend to buy for myself, based on what was already in my stash, but I really wanted her to have a block that she would really like.  I definitely over-thought it.  She indicated that she was referring to the Kona solid colors when she chose them but she really would be happy with any interpretation of the colors.  Anyway, Kona’s sage is the solid bluish green in the block below.  Pomegranate is a red with some definite pink tones.  I sure hope she likes it!

I had a couple members in my “bee hive” ask me about how I put the block together, so it might be a good time for a tutorial on this blog.