A gift for Baby P

My friend Melissa asked me I would make a baby gift for some friends of hers.  She wasn’t completely sure what she wanted, so I gave her a few options.

My favorite blankets when my girls were little were double sided knit blankets.  They are nick and thick without being too heavy and the little bit of stretch is nice if you want to use the blanket to swaddle the baby.  This one has an appliqué “P” for the baby’s name.  I chose a sweet, fun fabric that was a little girly without being over-the-top pink and ruffle-y.

The back is nice, thick interlock knit in the same turquoise I used for the “P” appliqué, and I added some decorative stitching in pink to add some interested.

Melissa also asked for this double sided flannel/minky ribbon lovie.  It’s about 15-inches square, so it’s a great size to throw in a bag and carry around.  Babies love those little ribbons sticking off the sides!  One side is a nice fuzzy floral flannel.

And the other side is this incredibly soft, I-can’t-stop-petting-it, high-loft minky.  Ooh, it’s luxurious.

I added ribbons all the way around, and my top two favorite are the owl one and the double-layer dots.  Fun!

See the fuzziness?  I wish I could explain to you just how soft it is.  It’s like rabbit fur!  I’ll tell you what, though, this fabric is a bitch to work with.  Seriously, I cut into it and it has shed fuzz all over the room.  It’s getting all over my other projects.  And it’s slippery, so it’s a little tough to keep it going in a straight line while sewing.  So, so worth it though.  I have enough for a few more lovies, but I wish I had a whole pile of it.  I pile big enough that I could sleep with it.

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