One thing, one week challenge: SUCCESS! [mostly]

Last week, I commented that the one thing I would finish for the One Thing, One Week Challenge was Leah’s mei tai.  I did!  I finished it Sunday night!  Go me.  However, because I am just now getting around to writing this post, I could not actually enter the giveaway for succeeding with my challenge.  Bummer.  No new fabric for free.

I also said that if things went really well, I would finish Alisha’s mei tai as well.  Things did not go that well (sorry ‘lish), but I do have the bottom strap sewn up and the should straps ready to go.  Should be done in a couple days.

Here’s Leah’s.  She liked this animal print (by Amy Schimler) that I had used on the reverse side of Amy‘s (different Amy) mei tai.  Luckily, I had enough left for one more carrier.

Leah let me pick the fabric for the reverse, and because she has a little girl, I decided to go for something a touch more feminine on the opposite side.  You’ve still got the cute (and daddy appropriate) animals on one side, but you can flip it over to flowers if you want.  This print (Juicy Blossoms blooms) coordinated really well with orange, gold and blue flowers.

(Don’t they look lovely together?)

I had hoped to have this in the mail already, but the week sort of got away from me early on, and today I have a sick child, so there’s no leaving the house.  I hope to have it on the way tomorrow, Leah.