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Yesterday, Amy challenged her readers to leave a comment about ONE THING we would finish this week.  Next Monday, we report back.  A success means that we are entered in a drawing for a fabric prize.
While a fabric prize would be lovely, my goal this week would be the same even without the challenge.  My comment says:

“This week, I WILL finish Leah’s mei tai. If things go really well, I will also finish Alisha’s!”

Since a mei tai takes me about five hours to complete from start to finish, finishing two would be a particularly productive week.  Though, I do think it’s possible since both of them are already cut out, including the straps.  Last night, I finished the sleeping hood for Leah’s.
That’s Leah’s, on the right.  She liked the animal fabric I used for the back of Amy‘s mei tai, and I had enough for one more carrier.  Since she has a little girl, I picked something just a touch more girly for the other side, so when she wants to change it up, she’s got the orange and aqua flowers on the reverse.  (side note: I know nothing about fashion, however, I read that the tangerine orange color in that print is the hot color for spring.  Bonus?)
Alisha, after much deliberation, decided she wanted the green and white owls print.  I am amused by this because Alisha lives in Japan and that is a Japanese fabric, manufactured in Japan, which I purchased as an import from an online shop in the US.  I had thought that this would be the mei tai I actually finished before the baby arrived, but alas, it was not to be.  Alisha and hubby Shimon welcomed their baby boy a week ago.
Back up the photo a little bit and you will find two more mei tais in queue on my sewing desk.  I need to confirm strap color on the blue one, and get the brown strap fabric for the green one in the dryer!
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  1. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    Eeek! I’m so excited to see our mei tai in the works. I still haven’t put Touma in any carrier yet, but I think I’ll be practicing tying my Moby and walking around the house soon. Very excited to see the finished product!

  2. Rochelle
    Rochelle says:

    Hey! That striped fabric underneath the owl fabric is the main fabric for the crib skirt I am making for Mr. Baby’s room! Nice choice.

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