Tree block inspiration

I joined a group on Flickr called Bee a {modern} swapper.  Basically, the premise is this: every other month, we alternate exchanging quilting blocks (an online quilt bee); and on the opposing months, there is a swap of some handmade item that you are welcome to join (or not).  During each of the bee block months, one member of the group is the “Queen Bee” and all other members of the group make her (or him) two quilt blocks to her specifications.  Thus, during your month being “queen bee,” you receive 10 quilt blocks (2 from each other member of your group).

The schedule of fun for the year looks like this:

February: Pin Cushion Swap
March: Bee Block Month
April:  Pot Holder Swap
May:  Bee Block Month
June:  Pillow Swap
July:  Bee Block Month
August:  Hoopie Swap
September:  Bee Block Month
October:  Mini Quilt Swap
November:  Bee Block Month
December:  Secret Santa Swap
January:  Bee Block Month

I joined the first month pin cushion swap, and that resulted in my Pin Cushion Caddy Tutorial.  We were asked to hold off mailing until closer to the end of the month, so I’ll send that lovely out Monday.  I can’t wait to see what my (secret) partner came up with for me!

Meanwhile, I have the honor of being the Queen Bee for the first bee block month in March.  I decided that I want to make a little tree quilt wall hanging and made this inspiration mosaic to give my group members some ideas.

1. Blue Tree, 2. BBC February blocks- trees on white… Group #1, 3. Bonus Triangles Central Park Tree Block for Kari, 4. Mod Trees Quilt Block, 5. Tree Block- Rainbow, 6. Fall Tree Block, 7. January Blocks Quilting NewBees, 8. Tree for Carmen, 9. Sunni’s Tree Block, 10. tree swap block, 11. tulip tree for Melissa, 12. BBC February blocks- trees on white… Group #2

If you’re interested in attempting a tree block of your own, or just want to see how it’s done, check out these tutorials:

*This one is great because there are several different sorts of trees at the bottom of the post.
*This tutorial is for overlapping squares, but just add a trunk at the bottom and (bam!) you have a tree.
*Here’s a fun way to do trunk and branches, but I think I would like it more with more leaves.
*Scrappy tiling would make a lovely treetop.
*The tutorial for the tree with the paisley-looking leaves on the bottom left of my mosaic is here.
*You could try a ticker tape tree. Basically, you just slap some scraps on your background fabric and stitch it down. Looks like this.
*A couple other good tutorials for evergreen type trees can be found here and here.

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