Whooo’s mei tai is this?

It’s Alisha!  And Shimon!  And baby Touma!  This one is going all the way to Japan.

(Read on to learn all about how I am crazy.)

Alisha picked this owl print from the company Kokka, which is based in Japan.  This is hilarious to me because for me to buy this fabric, it’s a Japanese import and costs import prices, but Alisha could probably just walk in to a shop and find it locally (I don’t know if they sell the same lines in Japan as they do in the U.S., though).  Alisha is so entrenched in the Japanese culture, even Japanese fabrics call to her!

Once I had the fabric in hand, I went wandering through the fabric store with a piece in hand and found this stripe that seemed to be made to go with the owls.  So, it’s blue and green stripes on the reverse side.

I used the same chocolate brown organic canvas on this one that I used for Liz and Jeff’s mei tai.  It’s pretty stiff right now, but will get floppier with use.

Here are those cute little owls on the print.  Remember how I said this fabric is more expensive than what I typically spend?  Yeah, so I only bought a half yard instead of my usual yard, thinking if I lined it up just right I could make it work.  Well.  The fabric was not cut exactly straight and the print has a fairly large repeat (the space before the pattern repeat itself) and I ended up being literally 1/2-inch short of what I needed.  I had plenty of fabric, but not if I wanted the pattern on the hood to line up with the pattern on the body.  And I did.  In some areas, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  This is one of them.  I wouldn’t be satisfied unless those owl bodies intersected just in exactly the right place.  And now, I’ve revealed that I’m crazy.  But I ended up buying a second 1/2 yard (which I guess I just should have done in the first place) and look how nicely they line up!

Coming your way, soon, ‘lish!

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