A little finish for Sarah

I’ve been trying to clean up my sewing “to do” list and check off some things that have been hanging out on there.

My friend Sarah had asked me to make her a changing pad that matched her diaper bag, and I finally go that finished up.  I decided to make an absorbent pad because I feel the waterproof sort just let accidents slide off and all over baby.  This one can just be thrown in the wash if it happens to get piddled upon.

It’s 3 layers of fabric: the pretty gray print that matches Sarah’s bag, a layer of terry cloth, and an inner layer of an absorbent material that’s used in some cloth diapers.  The three layers make it nice an cushy for baby to lie on.

It folds up for travel and closes with a cute little button and elastic loop.

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  1. Sarah Sydnor
    Sarah Sydnor says:

    I love this changing pad! It is perfect and fits in my diaper bag perfectly! Em, you are one talented lady —

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