Be Free Bees: Nichol’s addition finished

My addition to Nichol‘s block for the free form robin has been completed and mailed off to the next person who will work on it.  It was nice to check that off my “to do” list, which is way too long, and which I am trying to check things off faster than I add to them right now!

Here’s where I started:

And this is what I sent off:

Last week, I talked about my creative process and how I get from “A” to “B” when working on a project like this.

At that point, I had completed four of those New York Beauty blocks.  I since finished another four.  Here they are, all together.  I’m really proud of these “beauties” because they are paper pieced, which is a more advanced quilting technique (I think) and they have curves, which can be tricky.  Not to mention, these blocks are only 5.5 inches square, so those inner curves are pretty tight.  They are not perfect by any means, and you can see that they don’t all lay perfectly flat, but I love them nonetheless.

When I last talked about this project, I was in the process of thinking about the layout of my addition and whether or not to add a border to the inside of the bits I was adding.  The consensus of the few comments I got here and on flickr was that the border would be a nice addition, so I added a small, solid border in an orange-red that I used in some of the blocks.

Originally, I had planned to add my blocks to the top and right of Nichol’s quilt, but I got turned around when sewed on the first piece (this is what happens when you sew late at night) and rather than take out the seam, I just moved the positioning.

The beauty of this free form group project is there is complete freedom to do whatever works.

This is my favorite part of my addition.  I love how the yellow with the blue points changes place in the adjacent block to blue with yellow points.  The points don’t line up precisely, but I think that will be hardly noticeable in the finished project.

I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this project as it grows over the next several months and I wonder how my little starter piece is doing …