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The free form quilt bee in which I’m currently participating is great for working on my creativity.  Because the whole idea of this group project is “anything goes,” it’s a great exercise to really allow myself to explore creatively through fabric.  This is only month 3 of 8 and I’m already having a great time with this project.

For the month of March, I have Nichol‘s quilt to add to.  I thought I’d take you through what’s been going on in my mind as I work on her addition.

Here is what arrived in the mail:

Part of this group project is a project journal.  We each included a small journal with our starter block and the intention is that each person who works on this quilt will share a little something about her process, what she added, what inspired her about the quilt.  This is what I wrote in Nichol’s journal:

First impressions: the quilt looks really “fresh.”  I think the yellow + green additions really amplify that.  I’m tuning in to the theme of curves a little bit: the arch of the butterflies’ wings, the little circles in the first fram around the center butterfly, the centers of the flowers, the bicycles tires.  Not to mention Bernie’s lovely curved addition to your project.  

Perhaps 3 quarters of a circle around one of the corners, some circle appliqués along the side … 

My first step was to pull some fabric out of my stash that I thought would coordinate with this project.  When working on something like this, that also sometimes means purchasing a little bit of fabric if there’s something I think is missing.  In this case, though, I had everything on hand.

When I was thinking about circles, I thought perhaps some sort of arch would be a nice addition.  I had Katie‘s mini quilt in the back of mind.  Then I decided to try a New York Beauty block.  There has been a lot of recent chatter in the blogging-quilting community recently about a New York Beauty quilt along (every one makes a block, with a different blogger hosting a new block each week) and I was definitely inspired by a few different blog posts relating to those blocks.

The New York beauty blocks are paper pieced and thus a touch more difficult/time consuming than a “normal” quilt block (that’s relative, of course), so I originally thought I would just do one in one of the corner and then complete my addition along two sides with something a little easier to construct.

Then, I thought perhaps I would do three New York Beauty blocks to surround one corner.

Then I got sort of carried away as I was cutting them out and ended up with the pieces for eight!  Hmmm … so, I suppose this idea has evolved into all New York Beauty blocks along two sides.

I have completed 4 of these lovlies so far.  So, I’m already half way finished with my goal number.  I did stay up until after midnight last night finishing “just one more,” though.  Oops.

I’m a little bit in love with how they look all together as a completed circle and I will have to keep these blocks in my mind for something for myself or another project in the future.

As for the addition to Nichol’s quilt, it’s looking like this so far.

I think I might add a solid border before I add the New York beauty blocks.  What do you think?  Border or no?  Two sides or all the way ’round?

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  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    I love those blocks! They’re beautiful! I can’t believe you’re fairly new at quilting and are already doing stuff like that. Amazing! Someday I’ll get there… Like when I’m 40… And I like it with the border.

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