One thing, one week challenge: Ruffle skirt

It’s been a little quiet on the sewing blog.  We were out of town, so no sewing.  And since we’ve been back, I’ve been working on some things, but no finishes.  I suppose I could just show you what’s in the works, though (except for the secret. project.  I can’t show you that yet.).

A few weeks ago, I told you I was going to make a ruffle skirt for Sierra and asked for your thoughts regarding the coordinating fabric.  After considering the input, I ultimately decided to use: none of the above.  I know, the indecisive creative mind at work.  I was finally ready to get going making that skirt I had intended for months and months.  And then it sat in my sewing room for three more weeks.  Sheesh!

Last week, Amy posted another One Thing, One Week Challenge and I set my challenge to finish this skirt.  So, when did I finally finish it (with challenge finish deadline of today)?  12:28 this morning.  But!  It is finished!

Amy's Creative Side
Since I know you’re just sitting on the edge of your seat to see how it turned out, without further ado: Sierra’s ruffle skirt!
I ended up using this print by Carina Gardner.  While I do love the other fabrics I paired with it (the reason I own them!), I wanted something a little more spring-y or summer-y, and all but one of those were pretty dark.
Sierra put the skirt to the “twirl test” and … it passed!
It’s also great for stalking birds.  With an insect net.  She did not catch any birds.  She did catch a pinecone.
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