Skill Builder Sampler Catch-up: Curves

Way back last summer, I started playing along with the Skill Builder Sampler, hosted by Leila at Sewn.

The point of this series is just as it sounds: building skills.  Quilting skills to be exact.  Every week, a new block is posted, and every forth week is a catch-up week.  The series was set up so that after a year, we will have a collection of 36 sampler blocks to make a large quilt or several small projects.

I was keeping up really well through the half way point, and even won a little fabric prize in a random drawing for completing all the blocks to that point.  Then, my Skill Builder Sampler had to take a back seat to other projects and other things.

Meanwhile, our host herself ended up taking a hiatus.  She mentioned she wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t stand the smell of her iron.  Yep, she’s expecting a baby, and has now made it through the 1st trimester yuckies and is back posting skill building blocks.  The timing of the break worked out for me because it allowed me catch back up.

Our skill building sewing curves included the flowering snowball block.  The block was not intended to have a border around it.  However, it used a template, and I guess mine printed smaller than it was supposed to and I didn’t check it, so my block ended up too small.  So I added a small border.  But I must have been tired and my “quilt math” got turned around in my head so my block was only 12-inches instead of 12.5.  Grrrr …  Instead of taking out all the seam, I just cut off the 1st set of borders, which made my block even smaller and the borders even bigger.  Phew!  Glad to have that done with!!

This is a drunkard’s path block.  I wonder why it is called “drunkard’s path”?  Because drunks can’t walk in a straight line?  Ha!  Anyway.  We practiced curves and making our own templates for quilt blocks.  It actually came together pretty easily.

And finally, the curved 9-patch.  This one (unlike the first block I mentioned in this post) actually was supposed to have a border.  This one also required a template, but we don’t currently  have a printer and I wanted to get started, so I just made my own template to the correct size rather than waiting until I could print the template.  Amazingly, the sizing actually worked out!  Really, I’m amazed.  (I did leave myself a little wiggle room for trimming) I like the block and how it turned out, but I’m less than satisfied with my color choices here.  I think that two prints are too busy next to each other, and were I to do it again, I would make the curved outer edges with a solid, or at least with a much lower contrast print.

I shall have to get a picture of these curve-y blocks all together to show you, but for now, the individual shots will have to suffice.

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