4×5 Bee Blocks, Q1: Double staircase

I am making myself dizzy fretting over fonts.  My husband says I’m OCD.  I disagree.  Slightly obsessive, perhaps, but OCD is a strong word choice.  I think perhaps, I’m just driving him a little mad with all my font talk over the last couple days.  I’ve parsed out the ones that just don’t seem to work and the remainder are all “good.”  “Em!” poor husband exclaimed in exasperation, after I asked his opinion of my header displayed with 8 different tag line fonts, “Just pick one!”  And I think I have …

I’ve looked at so many fonts, though, that I just need to stop for a bit.  So let’s talk about sewing.  Because … um … that’s what this blog is called anyway, right?

I wanted to show you the blocks that I finished for this round of the 4×5 Modern Bee.

This is a block I designed and am calling “double staircase.”  I hope to do a tutorial to show you how to put it together.  If you split it down the middle, the 2 halves are constructed the same way and it can be put together so the “spacer” beneath the stairs is always facing out or always facing down.  For these blocks, it is always facing out so the block is the same right side up or upside down.  Constructed the other way, you could put together a whole quilt with the staircases climbing all the way across it.  It would be a seamless transition between blocks.

While my colors for the bee are no longer yellow and gray, I am working my way through my own sampler quilt with these colors.  I have the fabrics and I want this project to be mine.

Pam‘s colors were sage, pomegranate and ash on a white background.  Pam was in my group last round and I way, way over thought her color choices, but I had them down this round!  When she chose her colors, she was actually referring to the Kona solids, which you can see in this block (I have acquired both colors since last round).  Sage is the second step from the bottom, and pomegranate is in the upper right corner of the block.

Jess wanted yellow, aqua and gray on a white background, which I think makes for a lovely, fresh block.  Great happy, spring colors!

This is the block I had to contemplate the longest this round.  Sarah wanted raspberry and mustard on a gray background.  It’s a unique color combination and I really love how the block turned out.

I am not usually drawn to pink, and I don’t really have a lot of pink fabric in my stash, but I really like how the green and gray come in to play with the pink on a white background in this block.  Jenn picked a great color scheme for a girlie quilt without going overboard on the pink stereotype.

I saved Julie‘s for last because I was hoping to take pictures for a tutorial for this block as I constructed it.  In the end, I only had time at night to sew (what’s the name of this blog again?) and I wanted to get it finished, but night is bad for photos, so I guess I’ll just have to do another in my bee colors: lemon yellow, tangerine, and lime on gray (sounds delicious, no?).  Anyway, Julie’s colors were turquoise or aqua and cerise on a Kona ash background.

And here they are all together.  You can see how if the blocks were constructed with the spacer always on the bottom of the stairs, they would climb continually across a larger project.  I’m actually thinking about using some of my charms for the 5 yard color wheel charm swap for just such a project!