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I think I have a serious problem.  Sometimes, I can’t just let it be.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, right?  Confession: right now, I’m totally sweating the small stuff.  I have been obsessing over font choice all day.  Seriously.  And it’s been in my mind longer than that.  Admittedly, I am beginning to annoy MYSELF.  Not good, people, not good.

When I admitted just that on Facebook, my friend Liz offered her opinion.  As an easy way for her to see, I’m just going to throw all my fonts up here, and let anyone chime in.  And I hope many do.  Knowledge is power, right?

Here’s the issue: the woman who designed my header, Nicole, did a fantastic job.  While I loved the nice bold Gotham she chose for the main font, I wasn’t content with the secondary font, the one used for the tagline.  I changed it, but my friend Maddie, who has been helping with some web design, suggested that there is a disconnect, stylistically, between that font and the nice, clean style of the Gotham font.  I trust her opinion, and thus, I’ve been font searching and auditioning, looking for something better/more appropriate.  Here are the contenders (I won’t tell you which I’m leaning toward; don’t want to influence your opinion).

EDIT: My cry for help on Facebook elicited some good responses.  

Here is one from my friend, Katie:
I think that Gabrielle is probably my top choice because it is still modern like your logo but not so modern that it feels like it’s trying too hard on the ‘d’s like with Tangerine. I also like that it is italicized and does not take the attention away from your main logo, allowing it to be the focus. My eyes are able to easily move from one thing to the next without being distracted by text that is too bold and it’s easy to decipher. Take this with a grain of salt.

And my cousin Amy had the best “none of the above” response:
Em, Gabrielle is good, but I don’t think the serif font goes with the san-serif headline. Tangerine is the right weight but too many flourishes steal from the thread image. The bolder fonts (like lobster) steal from your bold ‘moonlight’. The serif fonts or ones with embellishments are not stylistically comparable with the Gotham. To juxtaposition your bold modern typeface with something softer in the tagline, find a modern sans serif font either script or italicized. 

Currently in the header: Chantelli Antiqua
Auditioning {in alphabetical order}:

EDIT: All auditioned fonts from the first round can be found in this set on Flickr.  They included Amperzand, Better Heather, Gabrielle, Kingthings Exeter, Lobster, Sail, and Tangerine.  Based on Amy’s suggestion above, here is the next round.  


Dream Orphans:

 Linux biolinium:




After these two rounds and then a little more searching, check out the fonts that made the final call back audition.


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  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    I like Amperzand, Sail and Lobster. I think Better Heather and Gabrielle are a little hard to read and Kingthings Exeter is really matchy matchy. I don’t think Tangerine and main font go very well together – they’re too different and all those little loopy things sticking up are distracting. I like Amperzand the best. Just my opinion. Good luck deciding!

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    Ick, not that last one! Those other faux handwriting ones are hard to read. Out of the choices, I like Sail (lobster is too bold).

  3. Anna@agoodhome
    Anna@agoodhome says:

    Well, this is a hard bunch to choose from! I really like the the serif fonts, but agree that they just don’t work as well with Gotham. Also, some of the fonts’ weights just aren’t right; they definitely pull your eye away from the main heading. All that said, I narrowed my decision down to either Rosario or Legendum. After flipping back and forth between tabs for a while, I think Legendum is your best bet. Italics is definitely the way to go as far as differentiating your sub-heading from your main heading, and Legendum has just the right weight. So there’s my two cents on the matter! (Thanks for tracking me down, this was fun :))

    Good luck!

  4. kate C
    kate C says:

    The two ones that start with “L” in the second round are both pretty good, but of the two, looking closer at bigger pictures I think “legendum” is best.

    oh, and I also scored a “0” on the color test, so you shoul listen to my opinion. 😉 oh wait, this doesn’t have to do with color at all, oh well.

  5. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    I narrowed it down to Rosario and Legendum right away. Looking closer, they are very similar, but Legendum is slightly thinner/has less weight. For that reason, Legendum is your best option. However, I would like it if the ascenders and descenders (the parts that stick up and down from the f, h, k, d, etc.) were longer, to provide a little more (and I mean a tiny bit) variation and flourish from your title font.

    Good luck! Finding the perfect font can be maddening. 😉

  6. Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless
    Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless says:

    Hi! Your email made me laugh – and I’m always glad when someone actually HAS heard of Euless!

    While I am a bit of a font snob, I don’t know how helpful I’ll be! But I’m willing to throw in my 2 cents!

    My two favorites are for COMPLETELY different reasons than what everyone else has said. I like Linux biolinium and Raspoutine the best – but for one reason only. I really like the swoopy ‘f’. I love how it plays off the curly thread with the owl. I think I prefer the lighter Linux Biolinium instead of the heavier Raspoutine – it emphasizes your main line a bit more.

    I don’t have time right now, but later I’m going to come play around yon your site – it looks like a fun blog!

    ALEXANDRA says:

    I love sans serif fonts for titles, they are so clean, un-cluttered, direct, readable…what I like to do for taglines or subtitles is (like you have) go the opposite way in font style, but I feel, in this case, when the tagline is a phrase YOU might say, I would use a HANDWRITTEN FONT to give it that personal touch, that YOU-ness…there are several ways to make your handwiting into a font…and from you options I like OVERLOCK, BETTER HEATHER and GABRIELLE, I like the flow of the text, doesn’t overpower the title and does compliment it in a subdued way…fonts and their personalities they add meaning and enhance the text, good luck, can’t wait to see whcih one you go for!!

  8. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    I’m not sure I have a favorite (sorry!) but I will say that the first was a bit hard to read. I know it would be bigger as a header, but that was my first thought when I scrolled through those. If I had to choose just one, I’d go with the last (Rosario).

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