FONTastic: font audition call-backs

Since my husband now audibly groans when I ask his opinion of my font auditions, I’m counting on you, Internet, to help me with the final selection.  I’ve narrowed down the field to my personal favorites in several categories, and you were all so helpful with the first couple rounds, I know you can give me some great things to think about here as well!  I know I’m obsessing over this; I do.  But I’m rationalizing that if I pick “the perfect font,” I will love it every time I look at it and I won’t have to go through this whole process again.

Here they are all together:

Serif Category:
1. serif 72 beta
2. serif 72 beta italic
(yes, they are 2 different versions of the very same font.  I love this one best of the bazillion serif fonts I looked at.)

San Serif Category:
3. legendum
4. linux biolinium italic

Handwriting Category:
5. bearer fond
6. jenna sue

Script Category
7. dancing script
(I considered a second in this category for the sake of uniformity, but this one is the best.)

Here’s what I’ve learned with all this font looking and trying and playing:  there is no right answer.  There are many, many opinions about the “right” way to pair fonts.  Some feel that similar fonts should be matched together and others feel that “opposites attract.”  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, right?  Ultimately, I just need to find something that *I* love, but I’m also of the opinion “knowledge is power” and thus, I am soaking in all the information that I can from you and considering all opinions before I finalize this logo of mine.  The end result will be just right and totally worth the wait and the hassle!

Do you know how many fonts I auditioned?  Thirty-two!  32!  And that’s just counting those that I actually bothered to save a copy of my logo with that font.  There were many others that I liked and downloaded and tried and didn’t even bother saving.  Sheesh.  I will be so thrilled when I make my final decision and order some damn business cards already!!

So … GO!  Click on that photo above and tell me which one jumps out at you.  Which is your favorite pairing?  Why?

{If you’d like to see all the fonts individually auditioned with my header tagline, “fabric and thread when the kids are in bed,” and my business card/product tagline, “handcrafted at nightfall, unique and delightful,” you can check out this Flickr set.}

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  1. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    Aaaah #6 totally!! Glad you found a handwritten font you liked enough to put it in the final auditions

  2. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    I like 1 and 6. Not a big fan of the fs dropping down. I think that the “regular” lowercase f fits well with the larger font. 🙂

    • Muni
      Muni says:

      Great, just spent ages trying to find these fonts on the vuiroas websites, and bang in one go you have a great collection, hope my idea works now, thanks

  3. Jessica Budke
    Jessica Budke says:

    I like 1 & 2 the best. Some of the others are nice stylistically, but I favor readability for blog or website headings. Good luck with the choosing!

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