Skill Builder Sampler Catch up: Wonky blocks

When quilting (or making quilt blocks), when the lines and pieces are intentionally not straight and/or symmetrical as a design element, that’s a “wonky” block.  I had so much fun with these!

First up was the wonky log cabin.   I chose to construct a quarter wonky log cabin, building the block outward from one corner.  I used a lot of my scraps in this block, but I think I could have been more intentional with where I placed the strips within the block.  It’s completely random and I think that makes the block seems a little erratic.  I’m going to go with it, though.  I learned something, and that’s the whole point of the Skill Builder Sampler.  Like a couple other blocks that haven’t been my favorite, in this case, I”m just going to let it go an have faith that they will look great with the other block on the “whole quilt” scale.

Next up, the wonky star.  I have seen this type of block quite a bit in the various online communities of which I am a part, and I’ve been wanting to try one for quite some time.  I LOVE how it turned out.  And it came together really easily, which is just a bonus.

The final wonky block was the wonky fan.  This one threw me off a little bit because of the curve of the fan.  I was having trouble estimating how wide I needed to make the top and bottom of the fan blades to end up with a fan that was the correct size for my block with the right amount of arch.  The fan blades are sewn together and then appliquéd to the background before then appliquéing the center piece.

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