The giant shower cap, I mean, shopping cart cover

My friend Sarah appreciates handcrafted items.  She shops on etsy (I do, too!).  Recently she was looking for a particular handmade item and she asked me if she could give me the business rather than someone she didn’t know.

While I had never made a shopping cart cover before, it seemed like something that I could put together.  I purchased a pattern, but then didn’t like it, so I ended up reading about 4 different shopping cart cover tutorials online and then just going for it.

Here it is before I put the elastic in it.  It’s basically a giant square with rounded corners and leg holes.  With a shopping cart cover you can keep it simple with just two layers of fabric (or even one, I suppose) and it will pack up pretty small.  However, Sarah requested a little bit of cushioning for her little guy.  I used two layers of quilting cotton with a layer of fleece sandwiched in the middle.  You sacrifice a little “packability” in exchange for a softer ride for baby.

This Valori Wells Karavan print is just stunning.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  The elephants and the color scheme make it appropriate for a little boy, but the subtle flower pattern in the elephants mean you could also use it for a girl.

I added a little pocket with an elastic top that should be big enough for a sippy cup.  I measured a shopping cart, so I think the placement should be right, but you just never know until you put it in the cart, and I never did.  I hope it works!

I also added a little loop that can be used to clip on a toy or pacifier.  And you can also see the edge of the leg holes in this next pictures.  This is the part of this project that gave me the most trouble.  I originally tried to close them with bias trim, but the curves made that really difficult and it wasn’t up to my standards.  I ended up ripping all that off and then just tucking the edges under and topstitching them closed close to the edge.

I made a little cinch sac to match so Sarah can roll it up and stuff it in and it will be easy to grab next time.

Here it is after I put the elastic in: you see why I think it looks like a giant shower cap (does anyone other than mother actually use a shower cap?)?

All ready to pack up and go!

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  1. Bree Cincotta
    Bree Cincotta says:

    Hi there, love your fabric you chose for this. I’m working on a shopping cart cover right now and I’m having trouble with the bias tape in the leg opening as well. Think I’m going to rip it off and try your method. Thank you!

  2. Di Cilliers
    Di Cilliers says:

    This is one of the nicest and simplest I’ve seen. Are you prepared to share the dimensions as well as the size and placement of the holes for the legs? Many thanks

    • sewingbymoonlight
      sewingbymoonlight says:

      I made this so long ago that I have lost my notes from that time. I can tell you that I began with a 40-inch square. The leg holes are 5-inches square and 2-inches apart. I believe they were 13 or 16 inches from one edge, but that is the measurement I cannot recall with certainty.

  3. Val
    Val says:

    I would love to get the dimensions & material list & amount of fabric, batting, elastic size, etc. I’m new to sewing, but it looks like I may be able to make this for my granddaughter.

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