WIP Wednesday: the list goes on

I’m super late with this post, but I wanted to mail one last pile ‘o things before I wrote it.  But I missed the post office being open by literally 90 seconds.  So I went to another post office: mission accomplished.  By the time I got home, it was time for dinner, then I went to yoga, then this here computer was monopolized by one passionate hockey fan.

So, here we go!

I want to review my list from last week, because I feel like I actually checked a few things off it: hooray!

1. finish last bee block for 4×5 Bee: DONE!

2. Get all 5 4×5 Bee blocks in the mail: this is what I was doing before I could write this post.  So, DONE!

3. Mail other projects to their destinations.  Done, done, and done!  Also, I seriously don’t know why I have such a problem with this last step of “get it in the mail.”

4.  Five mei tais.  Progress has been made.  I started out the week with just one cut out. Now, I have all the pieces for 4/5 cut out.  I went to a sewing/play date Monday with Kim, Amy and Katie, and while I didn’t do any sewing, I did get those all cut out.  (more on that later.)  I also now have straps cut out and sewn up for three of them.

5.  Be Free Bees April quilt.  No progress.  Though, I have thought about it and I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do with it.

6.  Jenn’s (slightly really, really late) Christmas gift.  Done and mailed.

7.  Jenn’s birthday gift.  Done and mailed.  

8.  Curtain tie backs.  No progress. 

9.  Winter HST table runner.  Some progress.  This table runner has four snowflake appliqués.  Last week, only one was finished.  Now, all four are finished.  Still has to be backed, quilted and bound.

10.  Tote bags.  No progress.  

11.  Gathered clutches.  No progress.  

Additionally, my friend Maddie came over for some late night sewing this week, and we got a skirt for her cut out and started putting it together.

So, here’s the works in progress for this week:

1.  Five mei tais.
2.  Be Free Bees April quilt.
3.  Curtain tie backs.  This should actually be a relatively easy project.  I just need to make it a priority in order to get it done.
4.  Winter HST table runner.  I need to decide on and piece the back, then do the quilting. I actually got some good advice on the quilting during the sewing/play date I mentioned earlier so I would love to get this done because I’m so excited to see it finished!!
5.  Tote bags.  I would love to get the top borders on these and the inside linings cut out.
6.  Gathered clutches.  I must finish one.  I must!  I also want to cut out the pieces for a few more.
7.  I pulled the fabric for one more of the “double staircase” blocks I did for the 4×5 Bee.  I’d love to do another tutorial.
8.  While only peripherally related, I am almost finished designing my business cards for my blog/not-yet-in-existence-business.  I need to finish that up and get them ordered.
9.  In a similar vein, I would like to start the process of ordering woven labels for my products.


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