All my life I’ve been searching for trees such as these

Aren’t they just wonderful?!

These are my blocks from the ladies in my group in Bee a {modern} swapper on Flickr.  Every other month throughout the year, one member of the group is designated the “queen bee” and she gets to request a quilt block of her choice from the other five group members, each of whom make 2 blocks for the queen bee.

I was first up, in March, and what sort of block do you think a botanist-turned-wanna-be-quilter would choose?  A tree block, of course!  I had posted a tree block mosaic for inspiration and these ladies really came through!

I originally thought that I would put all these blocks together in some way and make a fun wall hanging.  Now that I see them all together, though, I really want to make a few more trees and turn them into a quilt, something I snuggle and love and touch every day.  Maybe not a large quilt, lap sized would be fine, I think, but still, an actual tree quilt (it will be awesome).

Kim‘s were the first trees I received.  They are big, bright, and full of so many different wonderful fabrics!  Each leaf is individually appliquéd on the block, along with the tree trunks.

Trees are tough to do in fabric form what with their odd shapes and what not.  Deb used a more traditional piecing method (rather and appliqué) on these lovelies.  I think the one with the stack of different greens is beyond fabulous.

These trees from Ann are so fresh and tropical they make me want to grab a fruity rum drink, kick off my shoes, and put my feet up!  The oranges are 3-dimentional fabric yo-yos.  So fun!

When the month of March came to a close, our group realized that 2 of our original members wouldn’t be able to participate, but Tiffany and Kelleigh filled the voids and got these trees out to me quick-like.

Tiffany‘s trees move away from a traditional “real tree” look, which I indicated in my instructions was more than okay.  Her blocks are so fantastically vibrant, you can’t help but love them.  The three trees together remind me of truffula trees (The Lorax is a favorite book around here) and I adore the hammock because it looks so comfy and reminds me of a smile when I look at the block.

I wish you could better see the great free motion details Kelleigh added to her trees.  I love that I get to have cherry blossoms in fabric form all year round and I can’t express how much I love the little girl on the swing.

It might have something to do with the fact that those blond braids remind me of a certain other little girl …

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