First Quarter 4×5 Bee Blocks: all together now

The first quarter of 2012 in the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee was my second round in the bee.  It was my first round with these colors, though, since I decided that *I* wanted to do the work on my yellow and grays color scheme that I requested for the first time I joined this bee.

New colors are tangerine, lime, and lemon yellow on a gray background.  How fresh and citrus-y (that’s a word right?)!  When I have enough blocks in this color scheme, my plan is to make a sampler quilt that will be our family’s picnic blanket.  There will be a pocket on the back so the quilt will all tuck inside.  Maybe I’ll add a handle for ease of carrying.

Sarah made this triple wonky star block from the 99 Modern Block book.  (side note: I currently have this book checked out from our local library, and I’m really enjoying looking at all the creativity within its pages.)  It is very similar to what I had in my own head before I decided to create my double staircase block.

This is the second quarter I was in the same group with Pam, and this time around, she also chose to make a block from the aforementioned 99 Modern Blocks book (I only know this because I have recently looked through the book and recognized it!).

Jess tackled this super cool ring of wedges block.  No idea what it’s called, but I love how it turned out!

The x and + block came from Jenn.  I love how there’s a pattern-within-the-pattern of this block.  I bet it would look super cool as a whole quilt!

And the hexies came from Julie.  I love the saturated colors she chose and the hexagons themselves are really a unique element to the block.

Groups for the second quarter post tomorrow (today, actually, since it’s after midnight).  They’re due to be mailed June 15th, and then our fearless leader is taking the summer off from organizing the bee.  That schedule works just fine with me!