Mothers Day Mug Rugs

With now plan for Mothers Day, I suddenly had a stroke of brilliance (in my humble opinion) and decided to make quilted mug rugs for my mother and mother-in-law.

“What,” my husband asked, “is a mug rug?”

It’s a rug for your mug, obviously.  Ha!  Okay, think small placemat or large coaster.  It’s a pop of fun and color for your table large enough for your mug of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/vodka (just kidding) and a little snack (or a big pile of chocolate chips) to go along with it.

I used the scraps leftover from the rainbow double staircase baby quilt I’m working on.  This one has a rail fence design and random zig zag quilting.

The other one has two little wonky stars.  I kind of wish I had used white for the center of the stars as well to make them show up a little better, but I still love them as a more subtle design element.

I tried some free motion loops for the quilting on this one and learned (well, I already knew) and my free motion quilting really needs some work.  Wow.  The quilting is not terrible by any means, but it’s certainly not great, either.  I think I should do some more little projects like this to practice!

I raided my scrap bin for the back and binding and sent them off in the mail not quite in time for Mothers Day.

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  1. liz
    liz says:

    Cute Mug Rugs!

    I think you should sell little coasters in your store. That would be adorable!

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