Pack your bags for a Summer Road Trip Quilt Along

Confession: I’m really not sure what I’m getting myself into here.  This is the first time I’m jumping into the deep end and attempting to host a quilt along.  I’m a bit scared, to tell you the truth.

But hey!  I’m trying to be all official and stuff.  I made a blog button!  (Do you like it?)

You can grab yourself one for your blog from my sidebar over there.

And there’s a Road Trip Quilt Along Flickr group.  I’d love it if you would come over and join.

Here’s what’s going on.  This summer my family will be traveling through the country on an Epic Road Trip Adventure.  We’ll leave home in Virginia the beginning of June, head to my sister’s wedding in Illinois, travel to Montana where my husband will defend his Master’s thesis, stop off in Denver to visit some friends, and finally return home via my in-laws’ house in St. Louis.  Phew!  It’s exhausting just typing that!  In all, we’ll be driving a cross country loop through 16 different states.

I’ll have my new friend Trixie along for the ride and since each state in the United States has an associated quilt block (often more than one) I thought it might be fun to make a travel quilt with blocks representing the states we travel through.  Then I wondered if perhaps there were some other quilters out there who might like to join in the fun and I decided to start a quilt along.

So, I hope there are some other quilters out there who will quilt along with me!  Are you in?  (At the very least, maybe I can count on my mother?)

I’ve sketched out the blocks we’ll tackle on the journey.

The trip kicks off May 31st with Virginia and I will make my best attempt to post a block a week after that.  Here’s the schedule:

May 31st: Virginia
June 8th: Maryland
June 15th: Pennsylvania
June 22nd: Ohio
June 29th: Indiana
July 6th:  Illinois
July 13th: Iowa
July 20th: Minnesota
July 27th: South Dakota
August 3rd: Wyoming
August 10th: Montana
August 17th: Colorado
August 24th: Kansas
August 31st: Missouri
September 7th: Kentucky
September 14th: West Virginia

And then we’ve returned home to Virginia!

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  1. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    I’m jealous! We did a similar trip 12 years ago with our kids, then 12 and 9, and it was a vacation we still talk about often. Beautiful sights, making family memories. What could be better? West Virginia has some of the best scenery for a road trip. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I love this idea. I’m traveling the month of June so will miss the beginning. My hubby and I often take epic trips in our RV, and I’m filing this idea away for future use. I’ve wanted to make a quilt for the RV, and this is a great idea.

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