Quilt block for the librarian

Just as a botanist/quilter such as myself should have a tree quilt, it stands that a librarian/quilter should have a bookcase quilt.  Manda realized this and requested bookcase blocks from her hive members in Bee a {modern} swapper.  I’m not in Manda’s hive, however, she posted a thread requesting a one-for-one exchange.  So, I make her a bookcase block, she makes me a tree block.  Win-win.

While I thought I had measured correctly, I was wrong.  Boo hoo.  I added a strip of the background fabric to the top to compensate.

The books are various sizes and styles, made from my scrap bin, so this was nice scrap buster project.  The book on the left and the one on the right were once pants.  How’s that for up-cycling?!

This particular shelf of the bookcase is decorated with a flower vase that has two flower with disproportionately skinny stems.  Call it “creative license.”  A little wonder under and they were ready to go!  Perhaps I should have picked some flowers with fewer petals to go ’round, but they did turn out well.

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