So excited to share: my business cards!

Last week, a small heavy box arrived in the mail.  I didn’t immediately recognize the return address and I couldn’t remember what I had ordered that would come in such a package.

I opened it up before I even got home and was so excited to discover my business cards!  I know it seems like a small thing, and a business card is, literally, a small thing, but I feel like these tiny rectangles of card stock are just one step further down the path to becoming a “real” business.  We’re getting there.

There they are.  My logo.  My company.  My name on the card.

At the suggestion of my friend, Maddie, one side features my logo owl all on her own.  (Isn’t she cute?)
 The other side is the lovely shade of blue that the owl sports, along with all the pertinent information for an online business.   Want one?

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  1. nicky Cook
    nicky Cook says:

    Hi, your cards are lovely!! Where did you get them done? I am just setting up my own thing too and looking for where to get cards printed. Yours are great, I’d love one! Good luck with your moonlight sewing! Nicky

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