WIP: Hooray for progress!

I must admit, I’m feeling a little bit like a rock star right now because not only did I FINISH THREE MEI TAIS this week, they are all in the mail!!  Okay, two are in the mail, the third belongs to a local friend and she is coming to pick it up tomorrow because she wants to have it for her trip she’s taking this weekend.

Yay progress!  And I was hoping to have my Work in Progress Wednesday post up, you know, sometime before there were only minutes of Wednesday left, but it just didn’t happen.  We went to Richmond today to meet up with some very dear friends, and then it was dinner time by the time we got home, and then Jason headed off to a Chemistry review session and I had playtime and then way-too-late-bedtime with the kiddos.

After only working on one project last week, it feels good to have made a little progress elsewhere this week.  Here is what the “To List” was looking like last week and what I’ve accomplished:

1.  Three mei tais.  DONE!  While these were all in various states of construction, the fact that I finished them all within the week is really quite amazing.  I wanted them all finished and on their way to their new homes before we leave this weekend, so I call that a big SUCCESS!  Amanda’s was the biggest success, as only the straps were cut out as of last Wednesday.  

1a.  for Emily done!
1b.  for Kim done!
1c.  for Amanda done!

I want to show you these finished baby carriers, but I don’t want to inundate you with three posts full of mei tais in a row, so I will likely show you these finishes once a week for the next few weeks (also: auto correct really wants to change the word “mei” to “men”).

2.  Be Free Bees May quilt for Bernie.  Some progress.  I was off to a really great and early start with this quilt, but then I sort of stagnated.  After I had designed my addition and picked out fabrics, Bernie sort of fell off the digital grid.  She was no longer posting in our Flickr group, she hadn’t sent along the quilt she was supposed to send out for May and we hadn’t heard if she had received the one that was sent to her.  She just sort of disappeared from the interwebs with quilts from two members of our free form robin group.  As a result, I guess I didn’t want to put time in to a project for someone who was no longer playing.  Bernie has since resurfaced, and I’m working hard to finish this up.  I will probably be a few days late in mailing since the deadline is tomorrow!
(I really need a new ironing board cover.)

3.  Tote bags.  No progress.  Not an immediate priority.
4.  Gathered clutches.  No progress.  Though, I now have specific order for 4 gathered clutches, so those are on The List.

5.  Design and order woven labels.  No progress.  No idea why I haven’t made this happen yet.

6.  Skill Builder Sampler blocks.  Some progress.  

6a.  Apple core block.  Done!  But I didn’t take a picture of it.
6b.  Equilateral triangle block.  Some progress.  All the triangles are cut out, I just have to put them together.
6c.  Cactus flower block.  No progress.
6d.  Hexagon flower block.  No progress.

I finished one, but there’s a new one posted on Leila’s blog: the mini lone star.  Add that to the list!  This is a 36 block sampler, and the mini lone star is #33.  I can’t believe we’re almost finished!  Cross one off, add another to the list!

7.  Double staircase rainbow quilt for A Girl in Paradise guest post.  No progress.  I still need to do the binding.  The tutorial for the block posted on A Girl in Paradise Monday and I added some additional pictures of the finished quilt.  I love it!!  I want to make it before we leave and then I might be able to do the hand-stitching in the car if my potential carsickness stays away.

8.  Charm square blog hop project.  No progress.

9.  Road Trip Quilt Along.  Some progress.  

9a. Virginia (June 1st).  Some progress.  All the pieces are cut out.  Tutorial is supposed to go up Friday, so I hope to make this block tomorrow.
9b. Maryland (June 8th)
9c. Pennsylvania (June 15th)


So, here’s The List as it stands now: 

1.  Be Free Bees May quilt for Bernie.
2.  Tote bags.  On hold until August.
3.  Gathered clutches.  Four orders + additional
4.  Design and order woven labels.
5.  Skill Builder Sampler blocks

5a.  Equilateral triangle block
5b.  Cactus flower block
5c.  Hexagon flower block
5d.  Mini lone star block

6.  Binding for double staircase rainbow quilt.
7.  Charm square blog hop project.  June 6th deadline.
8.  Road Trip Quilt Along

8a. Virginia (June 1st)
8b. Maryland (June 8th)
8c. Pennsylvania (June 15th)

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  1. Landscapelady
    Landscapelady says:

    Holy crap! You have alot going on, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and congrats for your finishes.

  2. Marjorie
    Marjorie says:

    You have a lot of irons in the fire Em….I don’t know how you handle so many projects..love the fabric for the Virginia..anxiously waiting here.

    • sewingbymoonlight
      sewingbymoonlight says:

      It is a little terrifying to see all those unfinished items right there in front of your eyes, but it’s also great to have them written down so you can CROSS THEM OFF! (and then add 2 more items to the list as I usually do. Ha!)

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