Works in Progress Wednesday: Wow! The list got shorter!

I actually achieved some finishes this week and I haven’t added anything new to the list.  You know what that means: the “to do” list actually got shorter this week.  Wow!

Here’s the “to do” list from last week:

1.  Five mei tais.  GREAT progress.  I finished TWO mei tais this week.  I already told you about the one with the Tina Givens Opal Owl print.  I also finished up a giraffe print one for my friend Hilary.  It has a totally adorable giraffe appliqué (giraffeliqué!  Ha!) on the sleeping hood.  I’ll show you the whole thing in the next couple days.
 2.  Mail Thea’s Be Free Bees quilt.  DONE!  And I forgot that I AM adding one thing to the “to do” list.  I received the Be Free Bees quilt that I will be working on for May.  I’ve already started planning.

3.  Curtain tie backs.  DONE.  Like I mentioned, it was a fairly straight forward project, I just had to make it a priority.  I ended up making a tutorial for the tie backs, so maybe someone else will get some use out of that little project.
 4.  Tote bags.  No progress.  These bags just can’t seem to make it to the top of the list!!

5.  Gathered clutches.  Minimal progress.  I’ve got all the pieces cut out for three of them.  I hope to have a few finished to show you next week!  We’ll see how it plays out, I do have mei tais to work on, and they take up considerable time.

6.  Double staircase block in yellow-orange-green.  I’d love to do another tutorial.  No progress.  

7.  Start the process of ordering woven labels for my products.  Progress-ish.  I’ve been playing around with the label design in Photoshop, and I’m pretty sure I know where I will order them from.

8.  Warm colors dresden plate.  No progress.  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with this little guy.  Make a wall hanging?  Put it on a bag?  Center piece of a baby quilt?  What do you think?

9.  Rainbow/color wheel dresden wall hanging.  No progress.  No surprise.  This is a project specifically for me and I tend to not put things directly for me (it’s all for me, in a way, since I love the process) on the back burner, unless something motivates me to finish them.  (like the winter table runner and the Festival of Half Square Triangles.)

10.  I realized that I was several weeks behind on the Skill Builder Sampler blocks.  I have three to complete in order to catch up again.

10a.  tumbler block: DONE.
10b. apple core block
10c. equilateral triangles block

11.  Kim‘s May blocks for the Bee a {modern} swapper group.  Some progress.  Actually, quite a bit of progress.  I only have to do 2, but Kim is using them to make quilts for Soldier’s Angels, and since it for such a good cause, I figured I send her a couple extras.  Plus, they’re quite fun to make!  Three are finished, and one more is in the works.

 12.  Book case block for Manda.  No progress.  I have the design, which I showed you last week, but I needed Kona white to really do anything with it.  That’s here now, so perhaps I’ll find some time to work on this later this week.

That leaves the “To Do” list looking like this:

1.  Three mei tais.
2.  Be Free Bees May quilt for Bernie.
3.  Tote bags
4.  Gathered clutches
5.  Double staircase block in yellow-orange-green.
6.  Design and order woven labels.
7.  Warm colors dresden plate: what to do with this?
8.  Rainbow/color wheel dresden wall hanging.
9.  Skill Builder Sampler blocks

9a.  Apple core block
9b.  Equilateral triangle block

10.   Kim’s May blocks for Bee a {modern} swapper
11.  Bookcase block for Manda.

Hmm, I guess my list is really only one item shorter than last week, but it feels like I accomplished a lot because of those two mei tai finishes, plus all the progress on Kim’s blocks.  Those finishes just didn’t result in anything being actually crossed off the list (perhaps I should make each mei tai a separate item!).

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