Works in Progress Wednesday

Time for an update on what we’ve done around here this week!  For more inspiration, head on over to Freshly Pieced to see what others have been working on.

Here’s the “to do” list from last week:

1.  Three mei tais.  No progress.  After finishing two mei tais last week, I put them aside for this past week.

2.  Be Free Bees May quilt for Bernie.  Some progress.  Actually, a lot of progress.  No actually sewing progress, but I’ve decided what I’m going to do, created a paper piecing template and pulled fabrics.  I hope to post about that process in the next day or two.
3.  Tote bags.  No progress.  I think I have a mental hurdle to get around in terms of producing things to sell.  Must do some self-analysis and figure this out.

4.  Gathered clutches.  Minimal progress.  I’m happy I made something happen here, but it’s hardly worth posting about.  I completed wrist straps for three clutches and added a pocket to the interior lining piece of two.
5.  Double staircase block in yellow-orange-green.  DONE!  

This finish actually surprises me as this block wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind.  However, Ann of A Girl in Paradise posted on Twitter that she was looking for people to share a quilt block tutorial for a series she’s doing on her blog called Building Blocks with Friends.  Since Double Staircase is an original, designed-by-me block and I have not yet published a tutorial, it was perfect for this series.  I believe my date to guest on her blog is Monday, May 28th.

But now I’ve added an item to The List because I want to finish a baby quilt made of this block using some of the color wheel charm squares before I send the tutorial to Ann.  It’s perfect, actually.  This is just the inspiration I need to put together my idea of combining Double Staircase with the rainbow charms.  In fact, I already mentioned that I wanted to do that.  Go look.  It’s right there in the 4th paragraph!
6.  Design and order woven labels.  No progress.

7.  Warm colors dresden plate: what to do with this?  No progress.
8.  Rainbow/color wheel dresden wall hanging.  No progress.

In fact, I’m officially moving those two dresden plates off The List to the back burner until something inspires me to create something with them.

9.  Skill Builder Sampler blocks

9a.  Apple core block
9b.  Equilateral triangle block

10.   Kim’s May blocks for Bee a {modern} swapper.  DONE!  I think I finished them the day after I posted The List last week and then put them in the mail.  Kim already has them.  I can’t wait to see the quilt she makes with her bee blocks!
11.  Bookcase block for Manda.  DONE!  So cute.  I really enjoyed making this block, and I’m tempted to do one more.
 And hey!  Here’s something that never happens: I added an item to the “to do” list and crossed it off within the week, so you never saw it here.  Imagine that!  Less than a week to conceptualize a project, create it, and finish it!  Wow!  I decided to make a couple last minute Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law.  I’ll tell you more after they’ve received them.

 Here’s what I’ve got on The List now:

1.  Three mei tais.

1a.  for Emily
1b.  for Kim
1c.  for Amanda

2.  Be Free Bees May quilt for Bernie.
3.  Tote bags
4.  Gathered clutches
5.  Design and order woven labels.
6.  Skill Builder Sampler blocks

6a.  Apple core block
6b.  Equilateral triangle block
6c.  Cactus flower block

7.  Double staircase rainbow baby quilt

Back burner:
*Warm colors dresden plate: what to do with this?
*Rainbow/color wheel dresden wall hanging.

Looks like my list got a lot shorter than it actually did, since I took those two items off that were not finishes, but rather just not priorities right now.

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  1. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Your mei tais are gorgeous! I’m totally inspired to make one! Did you use a pattern, or is it something you designed?

  2. Jessica Budke
    Jessica Budke says:

    Hey Em,
    Would you like me to send you the directions for the ‘Jessica totebags’ that I make. You are more than welcome to use them for your business. I don’t have a pattern, just some detailed instructions that I could scan and send.
    Cheers – Jess

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