Mei tai on a Monday: a walk in the woods

Kim and I went to graduate school together.  We were in the same stats class and were both part of a class group on Facebook.  When I saw that her profile picture featured her rock climbing, I sent her note.  We found each other in class the next time it met and bonded over our mutual love of rock climbing and things outdoors-y and our mutual disdain for the necessary evil that is statistical analysis.

Kim studied coral reef fishes in graduate school and I have already purchased fabric with an awesome fish print to make her a mei tai when/if she and her husband decide to venture down the terrifying and rocky path that is parenthood.  This is not that mei tai.

Kim asked me to make this one as a gift for her sister, who recently had a baby.  The fabric is called “Fresh Meadows” and has a great variety of acorns and flowers and leaves and what not.

I used canvas for the straps, the same type I used for Emily’s carrier I showed you last week, but in brown this time.  It’s a nice sturdy fabric for the straps and will continue to be nice and supportive as baby gets bigger.

We kept it simple for the back with a solid green in a shade that coordinates with the print on the front.

I added the stop stitching in a contrasting brown for a little bit of extra interest.

I hope baby and new parents get a whole lot of love and use out of this carrier!