Road Trip Quilt Along: Indiana Puzzle

Indiana! I can’t say that I’ve spent a lot of time in Indiana, but I’ve certainly driven through it enough times. There’s really no way around Indiana when driving from Connecticut (where we used to live) or Virginia (where we currently live) to Illinois (where my parents live.

My good friend Bradley has an unsavory nickname for the state, but I maintain it’s not so bad. It does make me prickle that it is illegal for a certified midwife to practice there, but my husband and I actually considered moving to a little town called Culver.

I found the Indian puzzle block here.  The block itself is pretty easy to put together:  It’s just 8 half square triangle blocks and the center square on point.  The tricky part is matching up the correct fabrics for your half square triangles.

I must admit: I’m surprised by how much I like this block.  I think it turned out really pretty. 

I recommend drawing the block out and labeling which fabric you will use for each part of the block.  You will need 4 fabrics for this one (3 + background color).

Fabric 1: Background (white) = solid gray
Fabric 2: Star points (yellow) = dark gray circles
Fabric 3: Center square + outside 1 (purple) = yellow floral
Fabric 4: Outside 2 (green) = white with yellow flower

Cutting directions for Indiana Puzzle block:

Center square:
Fabric 3: (1) 3-3/8 inch square
Fabric 1: (2) 3.25 inch square, cut on diagonal to make 4 triangles

Half Square Triangles:
From each of the 4 fabrics, cut (2) 5-inch squares

First, let’s construct the center square.  I didn’t take a picture, but it’s exactly the same as the center square on the Pennsylvania Parade block.  Simply place the long edge of one of the triangles along one edge of the 3-3/8 inch square.  Sew with 1/4 inch inseam.  Iron open.  Repeat for the remaining 3 triangles.  Trim the center square to 4.5 inches.

Match up your fabric for your half square triangles:
Fabric 1 + Fabric 3
Fabric 1 + Fabric 4
Fabric 2 + Fabric 3
Fabric 2 + Fabric 4

We’ve made enough half square triangles that you should be an ol’ pro at this point, right?  Draw a line from corner to corner.  Sew a line 1/4 inch from each side of the line.

Cut the squares apart on the line you drew.  Iron open.  Trim each square to 4.5 inches.

Arrange your block as shown below.  Sew the squares into rows.  Sew the rows together.  Ta da!

Indiana joins her friends from the road trip!  Next week: Illinois!

P.S.  I’m thinking of adding an incentive of a fabric prize if you complete all/most of the blocks.  What do you think?  Would that inspire you to join me?

3 replies
  1. Leo
    Leo says:

    hmm I wouldn’t mind an incentive .. but then I’m already in so ..
    I just have to take a break this and next – but the catching up is already planned in – I would hate not to finish the “trip” …

  2. Monica
    Monica says:

    I don’t need inspiration, I need time!! Is there going to be a deadline to when you have to have them all completed by?

  3. kate C
    kate C says:

    I think this block turned out very nice!! Is the block you did or the drawing you did the ‘correct’ orientation for the inner ‘pinwheel’ or ‘star’ (yellow in your drawing, dark grey in your block). I’m sure it doesn’t much matter… but I guess I’m somewhat perfectionistic!

    Fabric prize would be fine, but I’ll do them anyway… need to blog last week’s!

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