Trixie’s Travels: Westbound

Trixie is the Janome Sew Mini I purchased to take on our road trip this summer so that I can still do some sewing away from home.  With Trixie along for the ride, I’ll take you along on our summer road trip from Virginia to Illinois, then westward to Bozeman, Montana. From there, we head to Glacier National Park, and then Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll finish our trip with some friends in Denver and then finally a stop in St. Louis before heading home to Virginia the end of July.

I’ve been posting Trixie’s Travels on Tuesdays (the alliteration is a nice bonus), but this Tuesday, I was disconnected at a campground in South Dakota, so you get to see what we’ve been up to for the last 10 days.  I’m still camping.  In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting in a camp chair at a KOA campground in Wyoming starring at Devil’s Tower National Monument.  It’s amazing.  Here’s my view as of 30 minutes ago:

We spent the rest of last week at my parents’, basically just relaxing and recovering from the wedding craziness.  Sierra had her second and final week of swimming lessons each morning, and I got to spend some time with some good friends that week.

We headed west on Sunday, and the first day was a long-ish day in the car.  When I had used up all of my tricks for entertaining the girls, I amused them for awhile by taking pictures of funny faces and then showing them the pictures, which would result in laughter all around.

We stayed in a cabin in a KOA campground in Mitchell, South Dakota (home of the Corn Palace, which we did not visit!) and then headed the next day to Badlands National Park.  Trixie enjoyed the scenery immensely.  We did not, however, enjoy the heavy sustained winds which blew our tent sideways and resulted in a broken tent pole the next morning.

We spent the next two nights camping at Custer State Park.  When we drove the Wildlife Loop Road, we saw bison, elk, pronghorn antelope, a number of birds, including a mother duck with 14 DUCKLINGS, as well as burrows and prairie dogs.

While there, we visited Wind Cave, which is drier than most caves and supposedly has over 90% of the world’s boxwork, which is a formation resulting from mineral deposits in the cracks of the cave.

We took a trip to Mount Rushmore and walked the very easy 1/2 mile Presidential Trail.

Before moving on to Devil’s Tower yesterday, we went to a Ranger Program about how people in the area used to pan for gold.  Now, we are here, with unbeatable views!

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    I love Kaia’s facial expression! She has such a distinctive personality for being so little!

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