Be Free Bees: Triangles for Fiona

As I mentioned in my last post, some extended time in the woods has pushed back the Road Trip Quilt Along tutorial for this week back a little bit.  I owe you Minnesota, and I will try to get that up by tomorrow afternoon.  We are traveling again today, but I hope to have some time this afternoon/evening to sew, take pictures, and write a tutorial.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share the first addition I made to Fiona’s quilt in our free form robin (we had a member drop out, so I am adding second addition to this same quilt this month).

This is what her quilt looked like when I received it:

The first element that inspired me in this quilt was the star that made up the center and was Fiona’s starter piece at the beginning of this quilt’s journey.  The points are composed of a 3-part equilateral triangle, and I decided to mimic that shape in my addition.

I also decided to stick with the theme of bright solids when I selected my fabrics.  Actually, I received this quilt when I was in the first part of our road trip, at my mom’s house.  Since I didn’t have all my fabric available to pull from, it meant a trip to the fabric store was in order.  Oh, darn. 

I drew an equilateral triangle on freezer paper that was larger than the originals, at 6-inches per side.  I divided it by drawing a line from each corner to the middle of the opposite side, and used those lines to create a template for the pieces I would be sewing together.  When I had completed a bunch of the 3-part triangles, I alternated their orientation to create a row that would be even with the current size of the quilt.

While I didn’t use exactly the same solids that were already present, the colors do coordinate nicely with the prints and solids that have been used so far.  And the white in my triangles is the same Kona bone that was used as the background on one of the side additions.

Here, you can see the comparison of the original triangles that inspired me and those made from the template I created.

Since I have this quilt for another round, I’ve tried to look at it with “fresh eyes” for my next addition and think about what I would have done, and what would have inspired me if I were seeing it for the first time.



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