Trixie’s Travels: Bozeman and Beyond

Trixie is the Janome Sew Mini I purchased to take on our road trip this summer so that I can still do some sewing away from home. With Trixie along for the ride, I’ll take you along on our summer road trip from Virginia to Illinois, then westward to Bozeman, Montana. From there, we head to Glacier National Park, and then Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll finish our trip with some friends in Denver and then finally a stop in St. Louis before heading home to Virginia the end of July.

I wasn’t able to update you on our travels last week, but we’re (mostly) stationary in Bozeman, Montana for a couple of weeks.  This week, Jason’s back in class, his last one before earning his Master’s degree.  Last week, though, we were able to do quite a bit of hiking and exploring as a family. 

We’ve been to Yellowstone National Park twice.  The first we went to the tourist trap but must see Midway Geyser Basin, home of Old Faithful and Morning Glory Pool.  Here we are in front of Morning Glory. 

We got back from visiting Morning Glory just in time to see Old Faithful erupting. 

Then we strolled through part of the boardwalk in that area to see some of the other thermal features before heading north to see Grand Prismatic, the largest hot spring in the park.  We got stuck in no less than three bison jams (think traffic jam caused by a bison on the edge of the road, or in the road).  While expected, it’s still annoying, as bison are not all the impressive to me. 

There is a giant “M” on the side of a mountain, for MSU, and we did a strenuous uphill hike to that view.  We visited Hyalite Canyon, which is a gem of a place, just outside Bozeman and hiked a trail where we saw 4 waterfalls.  Beautiful. 

And then there was our second visit to Yellowstone.  Oh, Yellowstone!  How I love thee.  Jason and I got up at 4am and got both the girls in the car on the way to the park in hopes we would see some wildlife.  And did we ever!!  A wolf, very close, and very early in the morning.  Also: elk, a marmot, a black bear with 2 cubs, and plenty of bison. 

Trixie thought I should get a photo of her in front of the bison.  As I walked back to the car with a sewing machine, a man who had pulled up behind us with a group of people said, “That is one of the more interesting things I’ve seen here.”  Ha!

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is amazing and I was happy we got to show the girls (Kaia for the first time). 

And finally, last weekend, we went to the wedding of a friend from Connecticut who happened to be getting married in Bozeman. 

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  1. Jen
    Jen says:

    I love that our take photos of our sewing machine. We’re packing for vacation at the lake right now. My husband asked if I was bringing my sewing machine. I said I hadn’t thought about it and he said, “it’s not gonna put us over the top.” (In terms of having a full car, etc.) So of course, now I have to reconsider my vacation crafting!

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