Trixie’s Travels: Digitally Disconnected

aka: The last leg of the journey

aka: The one without any pictures

I am so sorry to inform you that there will not be any photos associated with this post.  They are currently all trapped in my camera, which is locked in the car, and it’s late and dark and I would have to go retrieve the camera and then convince my husband to give up his laptop for long enough for me to extract them from the camera and upload them to the internet.

The last travel update I gave you, we were in Bozeman, Montana.  We were very sad to leave; we love that town!

Here’s what we’ve been up to since then:

*Jason successfully defended his Master’s thesis after waiting all week since his presentation time was the second to the last, at 3:00 Saturday afternoon.  We went out for dinner and left early the next morning.
*We visited the Great Falls of the Missouri, which were a site to see.  We had been to the headwaters of the Missouri River two years ago, and Jason is from St. Louis, where the Missouri empties into the Mississippi, so we thought it fitting that we see this other significant part of that river.
*A campground just outside Glacier National Park was our home for most of a week.  We did quite a bit of hiking, including an impressive five miles on her own by my 4-year-old.  We saw elk, mountain goats, glaciers, snow, some amazing waterfalls, and two big horn sheep from very far away.  Kaia lost one of her tiny Keen sandals in the parking lot of a grocery store in Columbia Falls, Montana, but a very nice woman said she will mail it to Virginia for me.
*Next, we had a brief overnight in Billings, MT, followed by two nights in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We could have spent a lot more time in that park.  One day for exploring was just not enough!
*We are now in Denver, and will leave at way-too-early tomorrow morning for one night in Kansas City before moving on to St. Louis.  The first day here, we explored a local regional park, played in the lake, and spent some time in the visitors’ center.  After lunch, we swam in the hotel pool and then spent the evening with a dear friend who moved to Japan, and whom we haven’t seen in 10 years.  Today, we met up with 4 of my former college cross country teammates, all of whom had their first baby within the 18 months following Kaia’s birth.  It was happy and chaotic, and I miss those girls so very, very much.  It was great to see them, but definitely too brief!!

Road Trip Quilt Along Update: I had these grand intentions of sewing in my parents’ camper while were camping in Glacier, but it just didn’t happen.  Guess the intentions were a little too grand.  The Quilt Along portion of the road trip is moving on to Minnesota this week, but I won’t have the tutorial up by Friday.  I hope to have it up by Saturday afternoon, so look for it then!

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