Be a {Modern} Swapper: Angel blocks with triangles

Hey!  I suddenly realized that I had uploaded these photos and never shared these quilt blocks with you.  Too bad, because they turned out really cute.  Better late than never, right?

One of the members of another of the small groups in my Bee a {Modern} Swapper swap went missing.  Which meant, Shanna did not receive all her blocks in her queen bee month.  Our fearless leader asked for some volunteers to fill in the gaps, and I raised my figurative online hand.

Shanna wanted blocks with triangles as a component of the block in the colors yellow, aqua and gray.

For the second block, I was inspired by the addition I had just completed on Fiona’s Be Free Bees quilt.  I made six 3 parted equilateral triangles and put them together in a hexagon.  I love how this block turned out, and a tutorial has been requested.  I’m going to try and make that happen!

I’m interested to see what these look like with the rest of the blocks Shanna received!

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