Road Trip Quilt Along: Colorado Pass

Ah, Colorado!  How I love that state.  Every time I visit, I want to move there.  On our travels this summer, we spent a couple days in Rocky Mountain National Park (not nearly long enough) and then headed on to Denver, where we met up with 4 of my college cross country teammates.  What fun!

We woke up early one morning to find about half a dozen young mule deer bucks right outside the tent!

I don’t have a lot of pictures of the actual construction of this block because it’s easy as pie.  Bonus: it looks awesome!  I loved making it.  Though, I kind of have a crush on half square triangles.  If you don’t like making and trimming HSTs, you will not feel the same way as I do about this block.  That’s all it is.  A whole pile of HSTs and a handful of squares.

The tricky part is orienting all the HSTs in the proper direction to make up the pattern of the block.  Fear not, though.  I made a handy graphic for you.  Just click on the picture, print it out and you have a guide when you put this block together.  In color or black and white.

Cutting directions for Colorado Pass quilt block

Fabric 1:
(2) 2.5 inch squares
(6) 3 inch squares

Fabric 2:
(2) 2.5 inch squares
(6) 3 inch squares

Fabric 3:
(4) 3 inch squares

Background Fabric:
(16) 3 inch squares

Assembly direction for Colorado Pass quilt block:

Set aside the 2.5 inch squares.  You will use those for the corner of the finished block.

Make 32 half square triangles.  Match each 3 inch square of background fabric with a 3 inch square of one of your accent fabrics.  For a review of how to make HSTs, head on back to the Maryland quilt block.  This is an excellent place for chain piecing.  I just fed each pair of squares through my machine one at a time, sewing a line 1/4 inch to the right of my center diagonal line.  Then I flipped the whole line of squares over and stitched a line 1/4 inch to the other side of my center line.

Cut the HSTs apart on the center line and then trim each one to 2.5 inches. 

Now it’s just a matter of arranging the blocks in the correct layout and sewing them together.

I used chain piecing here as well, and it went together pretty quickly.  I was a little too “scant” with my 1/4 inch seam allowance, so when I trimmed my block to 12.5 inches, I don’t have 1/4 inch above those outside points, so I will lose a little bit of the point when I put the quilt together, but it doesn’t bother me enough to redo the entire block.  Do you strive to make everything “just so,” or are you a “make it work” type of quilter?

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  1. Shena
    Shena says:

    I love this block! It’s on of my favourites so far. I think I’m kind of in between make it work and just so. It often depends on how tired I am.

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