Sunday Stash: Floss but not for your teeth

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I decided to sign up for a “hoopie swap” even though my experience with embroidery is precisely nil.  Time will tell whether this was actually a good idea or not.

While I could design my hoopie entirely of fabric and quilt piecing, I decided that as long as I’m buying an embroidery hoop, I might as well go ahead and try some embroidery.  So, today, I stopped at Jo-Ann and picked out a selection of colors of bright and pretty embroidery floss and a couple of hoops.

I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos about embroidery stitches, and one of my group members linked to this nice embroidery resource.  I feel like I have a slightly less vague idea of what I’m doing than I did a few days ago, so I guess the best thing to do is just to jump in and do it, starting with the easy stuff.  Wish me luck (and I hope my partner actually enjoys the finished product!).

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  1. Fiona @ finding fifth
    Fiona @ finding fifth says:

    I started embroidery in June and find it a nice alternative for cold nights and take along projects. The Zakka Style book has had a few projects with embroidery and now I am hooked. I am waiting on Aneela Hooey’s book to come out because her patterns are so sweet. I will be coming back to see how you get along with your embroidery – good for you.

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