Two pillows in two days

Look at me go!  This is the second pillow cover I’ve finished in as many days.  And this project wasn’t even on The List.  (Perhaps that is not such a good thing and I really should be tackling the item that are on The List.)  Now the question is, can I be satisfied with two pillow covers, or now that I’ve begun will I have to continue and make two more for the remaining pillows that are “too match-y” against the couch.

For this one, I used a pile of half square triangles to make a chevron pattern in that green-blue-red color scheme of my living room (that I’m not really in love with, as I mentioned earlier).

The back has a line of the same fabrics to give it a little extra interest.

I like this one much better than the first.  And even better news: I even like that first one a little more now that it has a friend.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone with such a dark background the first time ’round and I’m happier now that it’s countered by this lighter color choice.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, here’s a zoomed out photo so you can see that rug that dictates my color choices in this room.  That rug I don’t love, yet don’t yet hate enough to bother to replace it and repaint the room.

I’m likely just overthinking the whole thing, as I’ve been known to do.  My 4-year-old loves both the new pillow covers and is beyond excited for brand new pillows.  She wanted to take them both to quiet time with her.

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