WiP: on Thursday

Well, if I would have gotten to this yesterday, I would have linked up with Works in Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

As it is, I’m still not fully back in to my routine being home and I’m too late on this post for the link up.  Which means I miss out on the sharing aspect of linking my post, but I still thought I would let you, my two followers (on of whom is my mother), know what I’m up to.

My “To Do” List is growing back to it’s more normal (for me) size of around a dozen items, and here’s what is on my list this week.

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along Tutorial
1a. Montana for tomorrow
1b. Colorado for next week

2. Gathered clutches.  I have 4 already ordered and I would like to make several more to put in my future shop.
3.  Speaking of which, I actually started making some Luna Bags: the Essential Tote for this  very purpose.  I ordered my product labels (finally!) and I’m really excited to get them in a few weeks.

Insides of the Essential Tote

 4.  I joined a hoopie swap, and I’ve finished the paper pieced base of my design.  I hope to add some hand stitching, but admittedly, I’m a teensy bit scared since I’ve never done embroidery before and I think that’s holding me back.  Time to the bull by the horns.  Or the thread by the needle.  Or something.
 5.  Speaking of handwork, I finally chose a binding for my rainbow double staircase quilt.  It’s sewing on the front, and now I have to hand stitch to the back.  I originally thought I would go with read, but I had the binding all made and ready to go, and then when I put it against the quilt, I decided I didn’t like it afterall.
 6.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin additions.  This is the last month for this project, and I will have two quilts to add to this month.  One is already here, and the other should be arriving next week.

7.  Draw sting soccer back.  Sierra will start soccer this fall and she will need a draw string bag for her shoes and water bottle and extra shirt and what not.  She picked a green soccer monkey fabric that should arrive any day.

8.  I actually have something for myself on the list (gasp!).  And it’s PINK (double gasp!).  I hope to make a skirt out of this super fun Crazy Daisy print.  Fun!
 Two tutorials that I would like to complete, but are on the back burner right now:

9.  Equilateral triangle hexagon quilt block tutorial

10.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial

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  1. Kelleigh
    Kelleigh says:

    As the other of your two followers (the one who is not your mother!), I say good luck with the hand stitching on that lovely hoop. The rest of your to-do list is too daunting for me. Can’t wait to see the skirt!

  2. kate
    kate says:

    Go for the embroidery! It’s really not hard and you can always take it out and try again if you don’t like it. Embroidery thread is cheap! 🙂

  3. Monica
    Monica says:

    You have more than 2 followers, my dear. Love the binding you chose for your quilt! Let me know when you’re selling your bags!! I bought a quilting magazine the other day and it had a whole bunch of easy tutorials that I think even I could probably do and it has really given me the itch to sew. I just hate that all my sewing stuff is in the basement. I’m half tempted just to drag my machine up to the kitchen table so I’ll actually use it. I’ve been wanting to make a camera strap cover for my dSLR FOREVER, and never got around to it, but the magazine has a tutorial for it so I figure it’s destiny or something. The universe is telling me to get with it!

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