WiP Wednesday

Hey!  Look at that!  I’m posting for Works in Progress Wednesday on … Wednesday!  What a concept.  Perhaps I will find my routine again afterall.  (whatever that is!)
 This is what was on the list last week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along Tutorial
1a. Montana for tomorrow Finished.  I posted later than I hoped but that tutorial went up last Friday.
1b. Colorado for next week  Some progress.  I have all of 36 square I will need for the block cut out and ready to sew.  This week, I will have to add Kansas to the Road Trip Quilt Along “to do” list.
2. Gathered clutches.  Some progress.  My picture last week was a pile of fabric.  This week, I have all the pieces cut out for 10 clutches.
Four of them are already spoken for.  The rest will go in my Etsy store when it opens this fall.  I even finished one!
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote No progress.  I want to time myself to see how long it takes to make one of these from start to finish so I can get a better idea of how I should be pricing them.
4.  Hoopie swap project No progress.  Still in the “overcoming fear of the unknown, if I try this, it will suck” stage.
5.  Binding for my rainbow double staircase quilt.  Some progress.  I’ve sewn binding to two sides of the quilt, so I guess I’m half done!
6.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin additions.  No progress.  I still have one quilt in my sewing room and I’m waiting for one.
7.  Draw sting soccer back.  No progress.  I order a lot of fabric from fabric.com (including this) and they were moving, so had some shipping delays.  My delivery confirmation says Sierra’s chosen soccer monkey fabric should be here today.
8.  Skirt for myself.  No progress.  No surprise.  I put something for myself on The List, but I haven’t actually moved forward with the project.

Two tutorials that I would like to complete, but are on the back burner right now:  No progress.  As I mentioned, they are on the back burner.
9.  Equilateral triangle hexagon quilt block tutorial
10.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial

 No finishes, so The List remains the same.  The only change is for the Road Trip Quilt Along.  Colorado is the priority tutorial for Friday, Kansas is next in line.
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  1. kate
    kate says:

    Pretty good progress, I’d say! 🙂 Looking forward to the next RTQA block… hoping to stay caught up for a bit longer!

  2. Emma
    Emma says:

    When I was learning to embroider I hated practicing on fabrics that mattered, so my Mum taught me to make samplers on scrap fabric instead. I would just work straight lines of various stitches across these little blocks until I was confident enough to play with designs. Made learning a lot easier!

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