Works in Progress: A good week!

Hey there!  I’m feeling pretty good about what I was able to accomplish in the sewing room this week.  The List is really not much shorter and I didn’t get around to cleaning as I had hoped, but I still managed to make a real progress on some projects.

Here’s what was on The List last week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along Tutorial
1a. Kansas for Friday.  Finished.  The tutorial is posted here.
1b. Missouri for next week.  No progress.  I still have today and tomorrow to work on this to have it posted by Friday.

2. Gathered clutches.  Finished (Round 1).  I have finished 7 of these.  Four of them are in the hands of their new owners, and three will be in my Etsy shop when it opens in October.  I’m leaving this item on the list because I would like to make more.
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  No progress.  Things With Deadlines have taken precedence this week.

4.  Hoopie swap project.  Some progress.  I’m very close to finishing this project.  This week, I learned the raised fishbone stitch and added some leaves next to the flowers I had already made.  This is supposed to be in the mail to my swap partner by Friday, so it’s going to get some extra time over the next couple days.
5.  Binding for my rainbow double staircase quilt.  Finished.  Hooray!  I had checked this little quilt completely off my list, but now I think I might need to add a few more lines of quilting.  In Katie’s interview with Angela Walters (quilting expert), Angela indicated that denser quilting is better on something like a baby quilt that’s going to get a lot of love and washing.
6.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin additions.
6a. For Thea.  Progress.  I had been struggling with this one because this is the last round for the Free Form Robin and Karen added some borders in the last round that finished it very nicely.  I didn’t really want to mess with that, so I ultimately decided to fill in some negative space with appliquéd circles and a little hand stitching.
6b.  For Jenny.  No progress.  I want to finish Thea’s first.  But I have a plan.  And that’s a good start.

7.  Skirt for myself.  Some progress.  I have the pieces cut out.  I actually did something for a project for myself.  Score!  I have to finish this week, though, if I want to wear it to the faculty party Tuesday (and I do!).

8.  Clean the sewing room.  It’s getting disasterous to the point where it’s difficult to work efficiently in there.  Yikes!  No progress.  I really have trouble making cleaning a priority when I could be using that time for other things.  The sewing room is still in a state of “Yikes!”

Two tutorials that I would like to complete, but are on the back burner right now:  No progress.  Still on the back burner.
9.  Equilateral triangle hexagon quilt block tutorial
10.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial

I also finished a project that wasn’t on The List.  My husband got a digital writing pad to use in his Chemistry classes and he requested a padded sleeve to protect it when he takes it from home to school and back.  It has a velcro closer and the flap includes a small zipper pocket where he can store the cord and stylus.
And that leaves The List looking like this:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along Tutorial
1a. Missouri for Friday
1b. Kentucky for next week
2. Gathered clutches.
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
4.  Hoopie swap project.
5.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin additions.
5a. For Thea.
5b.  For Jenny.
6.  Skirt for myself.
7.  Clean the sewing room.

Two tutorials that I would like to complete, but are on the back burner right now:
8.  Equilateral triangle hexagon quilt block tutorial
9.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial

You can head on over to Freshly Pieced and check out what others have in the works in their sewing rooms this week!

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  1. marcella
    marcella says:

    Wow, I am so impressed with everything on your list. You are amazing to get so much done in a week. Your little hoopie swap is adorable.

  2. Jennie T.
    Jennie T. says:

    Well, your list is pretty organized, I have to say. I’m impressed with that. And you have so many projects. Looks like you’re doing great. Good luck on the cleaning. I had to do it the other day. Things were getting desperate.

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