Be Free Bees: final additions for Thea and Jenny

This was the last month of the free form quilt robin that started way back in January.

Because one of our group members had to drop out, this month, I had two quilts to add to before I sent them back to their owners, who had not seem them since sending them on their journeys at the beginning of the year.

First up: Thea.  The woman who had the penultimate addition did a really marvelous job of adding borders that nicely finished the quilt.  I was a little stumped at first because it seemed so well tied up that adding to the outside would have been like ripping the paper of a beautifully wrapped package that wasn’t mine.

Instead, I decided to make an addition to the interior of the quilt.  There were 4 open white spaces that surrounded the center.  In each one, I added 3 appliquéd circles and then finished it off with some hand stitching around each one.

Thea will be able to use this as a small accent quilt or a large wall hanging.  Or she can rip that package open (since it’s hers!) and make some additions and then finish it off again to make a larger quilt.

Jenny‘s starter piece was a series of pieced baskets.  In the subsequent months, her quilt became this wonderful, vibrant project full of bright colors and different prints.

I wanted to add something that would balance all the action that was taking place in the quilt already, so I opted for some letters to read “A-tisket A-tasket” (to tie into the basket theme) using mostly solid backgrounds.  I did some improvisational piecing with the letters, which was a new experience for me.  It was very challenging to depict the letters with curves and I was not on speaking terms with “s”, lowercase “e” and lowercase “a” for a few days.

When I placed the letters along the top edge of the quilt, I felt they were blending in too much with the fabrics below so I added a strip of white with some colored squares to break it up a bit.

I’m looking forward to seeing how all these projects finish up.  Meanwhile, I received my own quilt back for its journey.  I have already made one more addition of the grass at the bottom and I think I will also add a couple borders before finishing it.  Or maybe not.  I could just leave it as-is an let the binding be the border.  What do you think? 

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  1. lisa
    lisa says:

    I think it needs a border, but a wonky improv style to match the rest of the quilt. Maybe wonky diamonds all the way around? Anything to uniform and /bland would would wreck the feel.

  2. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    The quilts are all gorgeous. I think the tree quilt needs a frame (border) but it is fine the way it is. I can see your dilemma. Audition some different borders and take a photo.

  3. Mamaladybug
    Mamaladybug says:

    I absolutely love Thea’s quilt!!! Such talented friends!!! I would add a border to the quilt that’s yours, and it would probably be scrappy of all the colors involved. I think “A tisket a tasket” was the perfect addition to Jenny’s piece and she’s going to love it!

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