Sunday Stash: Making mei tais

After a somewhat long time without any mei tais on my list, there are now three in queue.  This makes me happy because 1) I love that I can make something the will foster the art of babywearing and encourage parents to keep their babies close and 2) I get to buy new fabric for the mei tais.

The fabric for all three mei tais came in this week.  Here they are: front fabric on top, reverse of the baby carrier behind.  They are all washed and ready to be turned into beautiful baby carriers.

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    • Tina Persson
      Tina Persson says:

      They are lovley, your meitai´s. What pattern are you using?
      I live in Sweden and will be grandmother in the begining of March.
      My daughter would like me to sew her a meitai.

      Best regards,

      Tina Persson

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