Works in Progress: and The List gets longer again

Well, I had a couple weeks there where I finished a thing or two and actually didn’t add anything to my to do list.  Whaaaat?  All that is over with several new additions to The List.  Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not an unhappy thing.  As it turns out, I always enjoy having several irons in the fire; give me some variety to my sewing.  But I was feeling pretty accomplished as The List was shrinking a little (it was even below 10!).

Here’s what The List looked like last week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: put together quilt top.  Almost finished.  I put a lot of time into this this week to get all my blocks sashed and sewn together.

I wanted it make it slightly longer than wide, so I added the scrappy sections at the top and bottom.  I’ve added a small yellow border, and I’m going to finish it with a wider border using Michael Miller heuvos, which I used in several blocks in the quilt.  I’m out, though, so I have to order some more.

2. Gathered clutches.  No progress.  
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  Some progress.  I finished two this week and also sewed up the lining of several others.  I am going to open my Etsy store for my birthday (October 17th), even if I only have two items there!

4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin addition for Jenny.  Finished.  The last two quilts to which I added have been sent home and I have mine in my hands as well.  Now, I have to finish my free form quilt.  I’m still trying to decide exactly what I want to do about a border.  Any suggestions?

 5.  Clean the sewing room.  Finished enough.  It is clean enough that I could vacuum the floor in there this week, so we shall call that a success!  Actually, I lost my rotary cutter this week, and cleaned even more in an attempt to find it, so that worked out well.  Especially since I also managed to locate Katy-the-one-armed-baby’s missing arm!
6.  Quilt for Brian.  Some progress.  I finished one more block, and I also have two blocks on the way made by some ladies in the Quilting for a Cause Flickr group.  Brian’s home was destroyed by wildfire this summer, so if you’d like to help by making a block for his quilt, click over to that post for details!

Two tutorials that I would like to complete, but are on the back burner right now:  No progress.  
7.  Equilateral triangle hexagon quilt block tutorial.  I’m going to leave this because I will sign up for the 4×5 Bee when it opens in October, and this is the block I will make for my group members.
8.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial.  Taking this off the list.  It’s just hanging out here, taking up a spot and I don’t see myself making it a priority in the near future.

I also finished 3 house blocks for Be a {Modern} Swapper that weren’t on the list last week.  I’m still laughing that I made a YURT!  I need to pop these in the mail in the next couple days.

Here’s what I’m adding:

*block for Safe Motherhood Quilt Project.  A really amazing project that I just discovered this week.  I will write more about it later.
*English paper piecing Rose Star.  I’ve never tried EPP, but Laura is hosting a blog hop featuring English paper piecing, and there are some times where I could use a little hand sewing project to work on.   The idea is to choose your fabrics based on the color inspiration from a photo.  I did that.

And I drew out the pieces of the Rose Star on freezer paper.  

But now I think I might want to go with a lower contrast color palette and keep it in the blues and greens range.  What do you think?

*mei tais.  I haven’t made any in awhile, but now I have one requested for my friend Jessica, and two for another friend, Gaby.

So, here is The List in it’s current state.

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: order fabric for final border + finish quilt top.
2. Gathered clutches.
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
5.  Quilt for Brian.
6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.
8.  Kid’s play oven mitt tutorial
9.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.
10.  Mei tais
10a. for Jessica
10b. for Gaby #1
10c. for Gaby #2

4 replies
  1. Becky
    Becky says:

    How about bringing out the reds in your quilt, or reds, oranges for the sun shining down on you home…or a red bird print.

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    Love the extra scrappy length on the road trip quilt! And that last little bundle of fabric – blues and greens – how scrumptious!

  3. gina
    gina says:

    you have lots of fun projects going on! For the border i would say an off white to frame and put the spot light on the design (but i am not good at picking borders). I like the colorful fabric stack for your EEP but i think i am heavily influenced by the pretty photo you drew your colors from!

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