Grand Opening GIVEAWAY

Well, friends.  The plan is still to open the Sewing by Moonlight Etsy store on my birthday.  That’s ONE WEEK from today!  I do only have a few items to stock at this point, but I figure the point is to start, even if I start small.  Right?

My products will be primarily bags and baby items.  I will begin with two bags.

1. Luna: The Essential Tote.

I originally designed this tote as a library bag for my daughter. The straps are short enough that a small child can carry it (if it’s not too full of books) without the bag dragging on the ground.  The straps are attached to a heavyweight lining to support the weight of several books.  I also added a small zippered exterior pocket to store a library card or other essentials.

I then realized that this bag also fits me perfectly as a short strapped tote that tucks under my arm.  It would be great for a project bag or a day bag or a place to stash your research materials for class.  The possibilities are endless, and it’s very versatile in both function and user.

2.  Callisto: The Gathered Clutch.

This is the clutch I use every day.  It is 12 inches long by 6 inches high with a zippered top and an interior zippered pocket.  The idea for the gathered clutch was derived from a tutorial on Noodlehead.  I purchased her pattern so that I would have rights to sell that clutch, but I have never actually opened the pattern file.   I just thought that since the original idea was hers, purchasing the rights was the right thing to do.  The Callisto is larger in size and the interior design is different.  I include a detachable wrist strap, but, by request, I have also made Callisto with a longer strap so the bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross body like a purse.


This Callisto is up for grabs:

To Enter the Giveaway:

1.  Leave me a comment.  Tell me what sorts of bags you would like to see or would be likely to purchase in the Sewing by Moonlight Etsy store.  Some possibilities: totes (large or small, zippered or not), snack bags, small zippered pouches, diaper bags, messenger bags (for children or adults), clutches (perhaps a smaller size or different style).  Are there other types of handmade products that you buy or that you would be likely to buy if they were offered?

For additional entries: 

2.  Like Sewing by Moonlight on Facebook and share that page to help me get the word out.  Leave a comment telling me who you are on Facebook and that you shared my page.

3.  Write a blog post about this giveaway.  Leave a comment with the link to your post.

The giveaway will close at 11:59PM EDT Wednesday, October 17th.  I will pick a winner with and post the result to this blog.


Works in Progress

Last week, The List jumped back into the double digits.  That’s no surprise, though.  A “normal” list for me usually hovers around a dozen projects in the works.  Here’s what happened this week.

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: baste and quilt top.  Some progress.
When I put this on The List, I failed to remember one critical step: a quilt need a back.  So, no basting or quilting happened, but I did start piecing some of my scraps for the back.  I need more solid fabric to finish it off.

2. Gathered clutches.  Some progress.  There are three uncompleted clutches in the works, but only of these will be for my Etsy shop.  The other two are commissioned by a friend.  One must be done by Friday.  Rush order!
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  No progress.

4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top.  No progress.  I needed to order some purple for one of my borders.  It just came in today.

5.  Quilt for Brian.  No progress.  We’re steady at 7 blocks made by me, two that were sent to me by others.

6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial.  No progress.

7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.  Some progress.  This is almost finished.  I have one line of embroidery left to complete and then I will send it off.
8.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.  Some progress.  I’ve begun basting the pieces to the paper templates.
9.  Mei tais.  Some progress.
9a. for Jessica: mail.  On the way. 
9b. for Gaby #1.  Straps are finished.
9c. for Gaby #2
10.  Laundry bag for Virginia.  Progress.  This is finished except for adding the velcro for attaching the bag to the frame.

11.  4×5 Bee Blocks.  No progress.  Unless you count picking out some fabrics for the sample blocks as progress.  Picking fabrics for my bee members’ blocks would be better progress!

11a.  Samples: hexagon + boxes
11b.  Blocks for bee members (5)

Here’s the updated version of The List:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.
2. Gathered clutches.
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
5.  Quilt for Brian.
6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.
8.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.
9.  Mei tais
9a. for Gaby #1
9b. for Gaby #2
ADDING: 9c: for Kathleen
10.  Laundry bag for Virginia
11.  4×5 Bee Blocks
11a.  Samples: hexagon + boxes
11b.  Blocks for bee members (5)
ADDING:  12. Tutu (for me).  Really.  I’ve decided to cave to peer pressure and wear a tutu for my upcoming half marathon.  This is a really good thing for me.  I will be 20 weeks pregnant on race day.  It is a physical reminder that I am doing this race “just for fun” and to calm down the competitive beast within.
Check out more great works in progress at Freshly Pieced!


Sunday Stash: Citrus

One of my projects this week is to make a sample block (or two) for the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee.  I’ll use my own color choices for this: lemon yellow, tangerine, and lime.  Nice summery colors on this chilly, drizzley day.  When I have enough blocks, this quilt will be our summer picnic quilt, so that’s what inspired the color choices, but that finish is several rounds of the bee away.

Meanwhile, here are the fabrics that I will be using for my sample block.

See more Sunday Stash posts at Finding Fifth.

Little bugs mei tai

My friend Jessica is going to be an auntie this month and she (thoughtful sister that she is) decided to get her sister the best baby gift in the universe: a mei tai!  Lucky for Jessica, she just happens to have a friend who can make an excellent mei and is happy to do it for a good price (who could that be?).  Lucky for Jessica’s sister, she’s getting the best baby gift in the universe.

Jessica and I met in graduate school, where we both studied plants (she, mosses; me, invasive shrubs), so she thought it was appropriate that her gift have plants on it.  This fabric is called Recycle Vines by Michael Miller.

Not only does it have some super fun and colorful leaves, it also features those totally adorable little bugs.  Nevermind that they are biologically inaccurate (insects have 6 legs, not 4), they’re still darling!

The straps are a yummy brown twill, and in the next picture, you can catch a peek of the print on the reverse, a nice Daddy-friendly stripe that picks up on some of the colors in the main print.

A sleeping hood prevents floppy-sleeping-baby-head.

Want to see more mei tais?  Check out my Mei Tai Album on Picasa!

(P.S. to Jessica: I emailed you a few days ago.  I need to know where to send this!)

I’m going to show this off at Sew and Tell, so head over there to see some other fun projects.

Prairie girl skirt

The family of a friend of mine is dressing up as the family of Laura Ingalls Wilder for Halloween.  My friend enlisted my help to make a prairie girl skirt her younger daughter could wear for her costume.

Add a collared blouse, a bonnet and perhaps and apron, and she will be all set.  Since my friend’s child was not available this morning, I asked my stand-in model, Sierra, to show of the skirt for you.  The intended recipient is a bit shorter than Sierra, so the skirt will fall a bit longer on her.

The waist band is a simple gathered waist with elastic.

I googled “Laura Ingalls Wilder clothing” and many skirts were just simple, long gathered skirts.  However, I decided to go for the “fancier” version and added a bit of pink trim and an extra ruffle at the bottom.

Hope our little prairie girl likes it!

Works in Progress: a variety of projects

You’ll have to excuse the poorly lit, nighttime photographs and the lateness of this Wednesday post.  I forgot that the batteries on my camera had died so I needed to charge it up before I could take photos, and well, the day tends to fill up pretty quickly with preschool, playtime and dance class, a toddler who decided she was, in fact, not going to nap today and then dinner and bedtime and all that good stuff!

Anyway, here’s what The List looked like last week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: finish quilt top.  Finished!  This is a partial photo.  I’ll have to get some better photos in the daylight later this week.  I’m thrilled to have this finished top, but now I need to baste and quilt it!2. Gathered clutches.  No progress.  I want to make increasing my number of these a priority in the next couple weeks because I will open my Etsy shop in exactly two weeks and I’d love to stock a couple!

3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  Minimal progress.  I finished one more.  It’s pretty, using a Dear Stella fabric on the outside and a tan denim on the inside.
 4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top.  No progress.  I do have a plan though, so that might be sort of progress?

5.  Quilt for Brian.  No progress.  However, I did get two blocks in the mail from others, including one all the way from Australia.

6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial.  No progress.  However, the 4×5 Bee has just begun, and I plan on working on this tutorial for the bee.

7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.  Some progress.  I have created the text, and drawn it on the block with my disappearing pen, as well as begun the embroidery.
8.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.  Some progress.  I have all the papers and the corresponding fabric shapes cut out.  I started basting a few today during dance class.  I wanted to show you a picture, but I brought my bag of paper pieces home and put it somewhere where the toddler wouldn’t get into it.  Now I can’t find it.  I’m blaming it on “pregnancy brain,” but regardless, no photo of progress.

9.  Mei tais.  Progress.  Actually, I’m thrilled with what I’ve done on these this week.  I’m feeling like a mei tai Rock Star.  Jessica’s is finished!  The parts are all cut out for both of Gaby’s and the straps are finished for one of the them (which is big, because the straps take a huge proportion of the time required to make a mei tai, and they are the most tedious.
9a. for Jessica.  Finished!
9b. for Gaby #1.  Some progress.  
9c. for Gaby #2.  Minimal progress.  

Sleeping hoods for both of Gaby’s mei tais:
Here’s The List heading into next week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: baste and quilt top.  I need to get some means of basting other than my straight pins for a quilt this large.  Basting pins?  Basting spray?  What do you think?
2. Gathered clutches.
3.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
4.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
5.  Quilt for Brian.
6.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
7.  Safe Motherhood Quilt Project block.
8.  English paper piecing Rose Star wall hanging.
9.  Mei tais
9a. for Jessica: mail
9b. for Gaby #1
9c. for Gaby #2

10.  Laundry bag for Virginia
11.  4×5 Bee Blocks
11a.  Samples: hexagon + boxes
11b.  Blocks for bee members (5)


Today’s Big News

Good morning!  Today is October 3rd, which means two things.

1.  Exactly 2 weeks from today is my 33rd birthday.  I promised myself that I would open the Sewing by Moonlight Etsy shop as a birthday present for myself.  I don’t very many items to stock in the store right now, but I keep waiting for the “right time,” so I’m just going to make it happen!

I would love it if you would come over and Like the Sewing by Moonlight Facebook page and stay updated!  I think I’ll have to have a Grand Opening Giveaway, so stay tuned for that!

2.  Today is my guest post on KludyMom.  It’s not sewing related, but I talk about one of my biggest personal challenges as a stay at home mom: understanding that being “mom” is more than enough contribution to my family.  It’s one of the best gifts I can give my children, but I still struggle with the fact that I am educated and ambitious and “just” a mom.  You can click over to KludyMom to read about it, if you’re interested.

Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday: OctoberQuest

Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday is a traveling link-up that changes hosts each week.  It’s a place where you can share your quilting finish and see other great work that’s being done.

This month marks the one year anniversary of this venture, started by Laura of Quokka Quilts and M-R of Quilt Matters.  The blog has a new look for the anniversary, designed by yours truly, using my slightly-better-than-rudimentary Photoshop Skills.  I’m certainly not a professional designer, but I think it’s pretty cute.  Go check out their new blog header and let me know what you think!

To celebrate the blogiversary, TWO winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Mad About Patchwork.
Your Quest: finish your unfinished quilting projects!!  In order to be eligible, you must link up a finished project during one of the Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday link-ups in October.  So, go on, dig out those partially finished piles and share them each Friday in October.  $50 to spend at Mad about Patchwork is pretty good incentive.  For all the details, check out the OctoberQuest post at Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday.

I am hoping to have my Road Trip Quilt Along Top finished as well as my quilt from the free form robin this month!