Prairie girl skirt

The family of a friend of mine is dressing up as the family of Laura Ingalls Wilder for Halloween.  My friend enlisted my help to make a prairie girl skirt her younger daughter could wear for her costume.

Add a collared blouse, a bonnet and perhaps and apron, and she will be all set.  Since my friend’s child was not available this morning, I asked my stand-in model, Sierra, to show of the skirt for you.  The intended recipient is a bit shorter than Sierra, so the skirt will fall a bit longer on her.

The waist band is a simple gathered waist with elastic.

I googled “Laura Ingalls Wilder clothing” and many skirts were just simple, long gathered skirts.  However, I decided to go for the “fancier” version and added a bit of pink trim and an extra ruffle at the bottom.

Hope our little prairie girl likes it!

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