Works in Progress: Mission mei tai complete

Phew!  This has been a busy day (and a busy week, and it seems thing won’t ease up around here for a few more!).  I had hoped to post my Works in Progress today while Sierra was in preschool, who knew I would end up staying to work the whole time.  Anyway, here is what has happen in my sewing room this week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.  No progress.

2.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top.  No progress.

3.  Quilt for Brian.  Minimal progress.   I received a few blocks in the mail to add to this quilt.  It’s actually getting to be sizable with the blocks I’ve made + received.  I need to lay them all out and see how we’re looking.

4.  Mei tais.  Finished!  I’m so pleased that I finished not one, but two mei tais this week.  I still have to mail Gaby’s (another task that was derailed today), but they are done!

4a. for Gaby #2
4b. for Kathleen5.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial.  Progress.  I took step by step photos as I made my sample block for the 4×5 Bee and I will use these to write the tutorial.

6.  4×5 Bee Blocks.  Progress.  Sample is finished and I have completed the “hard part” for all my bee members.

6a.  Samples: hexagon.  Finished.  This is what the finished block for the 4×5 Bee and my tutorial will look like.  I’m calling it “Multiples of 3” because the hexagon is made up of triangles, each composed of 3 pieces, and there are a total of 18 pieces in the hexagon and 24 pieces in the block.  6b.  Blocks for bee members (5).  Progress.  All that’s left is to add the background on all five blocks.  7. Gathered clutches.  No progress.

8.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote.  Minimal progress.

8a. Gracie tote.  All pieces are cut out.

9.  Ba{M}S mini quilt.  No progress.  

So, now The List looks like this for next week:

1.  Road Trip Quilt Along: create back.
2.  Be Free Bees free form quilt robin: finish top
3.  Quilt for Brian.
4.  Equilateral triangle hexagon block tutorial
5.  4×5 Bee Blocks
6. Gathered clutches.
7.  Luna Bags: the Essential Tote
7a. Gracie tote
8.  Ba{M}S mini quilt

Wow!  Look how short that list is!  Now, go and see what others are working on this week!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Nomination Time: my favorites

It’s nomination time for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  The nomination form is up at Amy’s Creative Side, and you have until tomorrow, November 4th to nominate your favorite quilts in a variety of categories.  Voting on the nominees will be November 5-8.

Of course I would love it if you felt inclined to nominate my entry, the Civil War Love Letter Quilt, in any of these categories: favorite bed quilt, favorite group or bee quilt, favorite quilt photographer (I thought I was being creative taking photos of a Civil War Love Letter quilt draped over a Civil War cannon!).  I’m #581.

Really, though, go look at all the amazing entries and pick your favorites!

I thought it might be fun to share my nominations for the various categories.  That way, I will feel like all the time I spent looking at quilts had another purpose than just my personal entertainment!

Favorite baby quilt: Baby clothes on the line (#618) by Piece and Quilt.  Cute idea for a little one.  I like how she imitated the pattern in the print in a large scale on the border.  

Favorite throw quilt: Who’s your granny? (#81) by Retired to Quilt.  I think what did it for me with this one was the cool way she added the borders on the blocks.  

Favorite bed quilt: Rainbow Derecho (#422) by Water Penny.  Totally cool multicolored swirls and I can totally get the derecho inspiration.  

Favorite group or bee quilt: Civil War Love Letter quilt (#581) by Sewing by Moonlight.  I love that this quilt collaboration between my mother and me, so of course I feel it deserves the nomination in this category.  Favorite two color quilt: You are my sunshine (#197) by Porch Swing Quilts.  The yellow and orange string blocks just make me happy to look at!  

Favorite ROYGBIV quilt:  Over the rainbow New York Beauty/circle of geese by Better off Thread.  Amazing over all.  I love the variety of neutrals used, the quilting, and that embroidered quote in the middle!

Favorite applique quilt:  Winter blooms (#383) by Litamora.  This is different than what I usually gravitate towards; the colors are a lot more muted.  But the quilting is great and all those little appliqué flowers are darling!

Favorite hand-quilted quilt:  Camelot quilt (#359) by Little Island Quilting. I literally said “wow” aloud when I saw this quilt.  It’s a big, bed sized quilt, but all the blocks were pieced by hand and the quilting is also done by hand.  I love the star blocks and I like the play of the not-solid background.  

Favorite home machine quilted:  Neutral linen with color pops (#180) by Jibberish Designs.  I really like how the concentric circle quilting plays against the straight line piecing.  Cool effect where the circles of quilting overlap.  

Favorite professionally quilted:  Flower quilting with chevrons (#431) by Doodle Moochie.  I would have loved to see a whole-quilt photo of this one, but the category is quilting, and it’s beautiful.  The small quilting around the flowers really gives them some dimension! 

Favorite quilt photographer:  Civil War Love Letter quilt (#581) by Sewing by Moonlight.  I love that this quilt fell into place and I had the perfect opportunity to photograph a Civil War Love Letter quilt with a Civil War cannon and with a statue of Civil War General Grant.  Perfect.

Favorite art quilt:  Penny and Fletcher (#273) by Penny Dog Patchwork.  This is amazing.  I can’t believe it’s a quilt!

Favorite doll/mini quilt:  A light in the dark (#397) by Don’t Call Me Betsy.  I really do have a thing for stars.  These vibrant paper pieced stars in a background of a charcoal text print are fantastic.  

Favorite wall hanging:  Bird on a wire  (#105) by Grace and Favour.  This is just beyond cute.  A series of lines with miniature quilts hanging on them and bird silhouettes on top. 

Favorite scrap quilt:  Technicolor Dream scrap quilt (#138) by Persimon Dreams.  Huge scrappy blocks in a rainbow of colors, all from her scrap bin.  I could totally do this, and the effect of all the different scraps in each color is awesome!  

Honorable mention:  With well over 600 entries in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, it was tough to pick just a few favorites.  There is an overwhelming pool of talent out there.  Here are a few of my other favorite that I wasn’t able to nominate (I hope someone else did!).

QR Code quilt (#45) by Lolly Quiltz.  

Tetris (#161) by Fabric Engineer.  

Chasing Rain (#195) by Sweet Boater Chick.

By Sea or by Land (#404) by Sew Happiness.

New Wave Solid Gradient (#474) by Live. Love. Create

So, there you have it!  My favorite quilts from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  Ooh, eye candy for quilters and fabric lovers!  Now, go nominate your favorites!!

Mei tai finish: 2d zoo and lime

My cousin asked to make her a mei tai for a friend.  The baby shower is tomorrow, and by the time we decided on fabric and I had procured all the supplies (I need to go out and buy fabric for the straps), I was not left with much time to finish.  Mei tais take a pretty significant time investment as far as sewing time goes, and well, my sewing time is limited.

I’m happy to say, I finished this up late Wednesday night, and it was in the mail first thing yesterday morning, priority.  It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Kathleen liked this 2d Zoo fabric from Alexander Henry, which I paired with navy twill for the straps.

With the sleeping hood up, you can see that the solid lime on the reverse pairs nicely with some of the animals in the print.

With a reversible mei tai like this, it’s sometimes nice to have a “fun” print on one side and a simpler choice for the reverse, like a coordinating solid or stripe.

With this one, I used navy thread to match the straps and added a little bit of interest with the contrast stitching.

Happy babywearing!

This one definitely fits into the “Thank Goodness It’s Finished!” category.  I’m happy I got in the mail just in time; now if the post office will just hold up their end of the deal!