Day of Twelve, Part 2

Yesterday was 12.12.12, and I decided to play along with Katy of No Big Dill and whole lot of others on Instagram.  The game was to post a photo on the :12 of every hour.  I actually had fun documenting my day and checking out hashtag #dayoftwelve to see what everyone else was up to that day.

I left you right after lunch; here’s what the rest of my day looked like:

2:12pm.  Kaia is napping, Sierra is in Quiet Time (aka Mama’s break, aka highlight of my afternoon) so I had a few minutes to sew.

3:12pm.  Kaia just up from her nap and needs some Mama snuggles.

4:12pm.  Play date with Sophia.  Dance party!

5:12pm.  Sunset on the way home from the play date.

6:12pm.  Feed the cats.

7:12pm.  Bath time!

8:12pm.  Bedtime story.

9:12pm.  Jason has the boys over for cigars by the campfire.  Brrr!  It’s cold outside.  I stepped out for a bit to say hello.

10:12pm.  In bed, Mama’s bedtime story.  A couple late nights this week means this is the end of my day.

It was actually a pretty typical Wednesday for me.  This one had more play dates than usual, and the campfire, which doesn’t usually occur.  Also, usually 10:12, and probably 11:12 would be my sewing time, but I was tired!!