Prepping for a Road Trip

Last summer, my family traveled through 16 states over the course of 2 months away from home.  That trip inspired me to host the Road Trip Quilt Along.  Each week, beginning in June, I posted a tutorial for a state quilt block representing one of the states we traveled through.  By the middle of September, I had posted 16 block tutorials and was able to put together a sampler quilt (it’s still not finished; but the quilting is in progress!).

This summer, we will NOT be taking a road trip of that magnitude.  However, when summer rolls around, I will still host a summer Road Trip Quilt along.  The states represent an imaginary road trip that one could actually travel if inspired to do so.  My long term plan is to continue to host a summer Road Trip Quilt Along until I have covered all states in the United States.

Like last year, I will begin again in Virginia, and travel north through Maryland.

Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: VA - Virginia Reel Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: MD - Maryland Beauty

Then it is on to Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.

Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Delaware Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: New Jersey Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: New York

We will continue through New England with Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Connecticut Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Rhode Island Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Massachusetts Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: New Hampshire Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Maine

The return trip will come back across the northern states and finish with Vermont and Pennsylvania.

Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: Vermont Road Trip Quilt Along 2013: PA-Wyoming Valley

There will be twelve 12-inch finished state quilt blocks in this Road Trip Quilt Along, rather than 16 like last year, and with borders, the finished quilt will be 56 inches x 70 inches.  Or, you could hang onto your blocks until next year and make a larger quilt.  Three states will repeat from last year, but since there are often several blocks that represent a states, no blocks will repeat.

I have spent way too many hours over the last few days researching various state blocks, drawing them out, and then creating the graphics you see above.  Before the road trip this summer, I hope to learn how to make printable templates for the paper pieced blocks so that you can you simply print them off, rather than following my directions to make your own.

Mark your calendar.  The road trip will begin Friday, June 7th, 2013.  Will you join me?

Road Trip Quilt Along sampler quilt 2013

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  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    Since I still have all my fabric from the last one I was going to do and should be settled by then, maybe I can do this one! We’ll see!

  2. Rochelle
    Rochelle says:

    I am very tempted to join, mainly because I live in New England and it would be fun to make a quilt about it! We will see. I have not sewn anything in many months, although I would really like to get back to it. I have a quilt I started working on in 2009 and still haven’t finished. I might make a goal of finishing that up and then I can do your quilt along!

  3. Belinda
    Belinda says:

    I want to join you! I will have to start out being behind due to my vacation, but I will catch up as quickly as possible. I too would like fabric requirements etc., so I can begin gathering what I need. Thanks for doing this!! It looks like it will be a lot of fun!!!

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