Sewing Room Clean Up Along

My husband came home from dorm duty (we live at a boarding school) at 11:30 last night. I was in my sewing room, up to my eyeballs (possibly deeper) in disaster.

What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Looking for something.”

Um … did you find it?”

“It’s my sewing mojo. It’s in here, somewhere,” I said. “If I dig deep enough, I know I will find it. I think it’s buried.”

My sew-jo disappeared somewhere around the beginning of the year. It has made a few brief reappearances, but it’s still a little lackluster. This bums me out because my sewing time is usually such a welcome respite for me. The kids are in bed, the house is quiet, it’s just me, some music, and the hum of my machine. I cherish those hours. Or I did. And the worst part is, I have some projects that I actually want to work on. I do. I’m just feeling rather uninspired.

When I first posted about my lack of sewing inspiration back in January, I suspected what I really needed to do was to clean and reorganize my sewing space. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet.

But now it shall!

I want you to have a nice, clean, organized space to work in as well, so join me in a Sewing and Craft Space Clean Up!

 I might be a bit embarrassed about that first photo of my disaster of a creative space, but I know there are others like me out there. A few have shared your craft room disasters under the Instagram hashtag #honestcraftroom. And now, I want to see photos of your CLEAN #honestcraftroom!

So, this Friday, February 15, I will open a linky and we can all share those embarrassing “before” photos of our creative space. And then the clean-up begins. Maybe you can dive in and have your space all tidied up in one day. Perhaps you only have a few minutes each day. Regardless, before you sit down to sew next week, I encourage to take a few minutes and fold up a few of those fabrics from that project you finished last month, or put all your WiPs in one spot, or clean off your ironing board so you can actually use it!

If you are on Instagram or Twitter, we’ll share our progress with the hashtag that Amy first started using #sewingroomcleanupalong20122013. You will have 10 days to get your space in order! On Monday, February 25, there will be another link-up to share our “after” photos. Cleaning is really NOT a good time, but if we are all in it together, perhaps it won’t be such a daunting chore (misery loves company, right?)!

I’ve made a little bit of progress already … here’s that corner of my sewing room now (not yet “after”).

I’ve got a long way to go; will you join me? Okay, see you Friday!

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  1. kate C
    kate C says:

    I’d join, but I’ve done so little sewing since August and had to clean up a couple times for holiday guests (both a downside and a perk of having the sewing room and guest room in one!) that my room is already pretty clean! Good luck with your clean-up! Nice work already. I bet it will help you find that mojo!

  2. Kelleigh
    Kelleigh says:

    This does not sound like fun but it sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the motivation. I will definitely think about it, probably…maybe

  3. Judy Blinkenberg
    Judy Blinkenberg says:

    I have two rooms, yes I’m very fortunate, except the rent is high. I have one for sewing and supplies and one that holds my over active stash. I think I can spare some time to tidy up both rooms. Thanks for the invite.

  4. Monica
    Monica says:

    If only you were having this a month later, I could join. But my sewing space is relatively clean since it’s the kitchen table right now.. And my tiny ironing board is on the stove. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about my sewing space in our new house though!! Oh, and I’m almost done with quite a few blocks for Brian’s quilt!

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    I know you can do it! I am totally with you on the lack of mojo – perhaps it is the time of year? I don’t know…can’t wait to see the result!

  6. Flo
    Flo says:

    I would love to join in this challenge.. I usually clean up after each project but I’m in the midst of three separate projects now and things are very chaotic. I’ll be posting my before picture tomorrow

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