This WILL be finished!

I am finally seeing the end in sight for Brian’s quilt.

My friend Brian, whom I’ve known for practically my entire life, lost his home in the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs last summer. Devastating, for sure, but there really wan’t much I could do to help him out from 1600 miles away.

What I can offer, though, is a new a quilt to give him something warm and snuggly from a friend for his new home. My goal was to have the quilt finished before his house was rebuilt (who knew it would take me just as long to make a quilt as it would to build an entire house). I made about half the blocks myself, and others came from friends from (literally) around the world.

Brian's quilt top: turning twenty again

When I asked for help from an online quilt group, I actually received more blocks than I needed for the quilt, so I used the extras in a pieced back (should have taken a picture of that!).

Brian's quilt top: turning twenty again

I had a friend offer to quilt this for me on her long arm (thank goodness, at 96 inches x 96 inches, this would have been bear to quilt on my home machine!) and she said she would probably be able to get to it this week! Last I checked, Brian’s move-in date was April 2nd, so there’s a chance this will actually be finished before then!

Brian's quilt top: turning twenty again

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  1. Maddy Webster
    Maddy Webster says:

    Congrats on the near completion of Brian’s quilt! Cant wait to see pics of it after it is quilted. And I can see some of my little contribution!

  2. Kathy Gentry
    Kathy Gentry says:

    This is so beautiful and the sentiment is, also. Brian is fortunate to have a friend like you. What great friends you have to step up and help. My son and his family in the Springs, and he said it felt like Armageddon, driving in all of the smoke and seeing the fire. Fortunately, he did not lose his home but knew people who did. This is when friends step up and show that others care and make life’s misfortune tolerable.

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